First impressions often linger in people’s minds. Making a good first impression starts with having a neat, well-designed website that works efficiently and provides a favorable user experience. Techacs Corp. builds websites that immediately convey your identity while telling the tale of your law business.


There isn’t just one term to describe the amazing and seductive websites we create. Our websites are simply outstanding, so we will have to make up our own words.



Concentrating on Important Results

The outcomes of our marketing initiatives differ from market to market, practice area to practice area, and law firm to law firm.

For attorneys from all throughout New York and across all practice areas, we have accomplished extraordinary things.



Captivating Websites

Utilize one of our modern, well-designed websites to stand out from the crowd. We’ve created hundreds of websites over the years for a variety of clients, including large full-service law firms and small solo practitioners. We’ve already accomplished everything, so we can do it all. Techacs Corp. is THE firm that creates websites for lawyers; we are not just a company that can do it.


Suitable For Search

Techacs Corp. isn’t just a web design firm that dabbles in SEO. For more than ten years now, we have excelled at local search marketing for both small and big law offices. You can be confident that when we construct a website for your law firm, we’ll adhere to best practices in coding and programming to ensure that it ranks highly in Google and the other major search engines.



Designed for Speed


It’s awful to have to wait for a webpage to load forever. We design websites that have the best looks and aesthetics possible without significantly affecting load time. Next-generation web experiences will always involve certain trade-offs, but we have managed to strike the perfect balance that produces tremendously fast websites.