LogRhythm Integration With Webroot threat intelligence & IP reputation services

LogRhythm and Webroot are the two software companies that have been working for the empowerment of its users by developing antivirus software, have integrated its services through the LogRhythm next-gen SIEM product. The main reason behind this integration was to boost the intelligence of SIEM next-gen to another level, by adding the Webroot features of IP reputation and threat intelligence.

logrhym integration with webroot

LogRhythm is one of the software companies that have been working and developing antivirus software for providing a layer of protection to the users and organizations against the cyber threats. All the products by LogRhythm detect, respond and neutralize the cyber threats, rapidly before a material breach occurs. Webroot is another software company that has been developing security solutions for offering the layer of protection to the users against the cyber threats. All the Webroot products have the ability to block the malware as well as remove it before it harms the users’ data.

Now-a-days, cyber criminals are using various sophisticated tools to attack the user data and thus, making it a challenge for all the companies that are developing the antivirus software to protect their users against the cyber threats. Through this partnership, LogRhythm can offer a proactive protection layer to the users against all the modern cyber-attacks.The joint solution or the new fulfillment has the ability to leverage the real time capabilities of webroot by identifying all the malicious IPs that may attack the user’s network.

This joint solution by Webroot and LogRhythm includes the services like Webroot BrightCloud IP Reputation and Threat intelligence that offers an enhancement to the analytics and incident response workflow of the LogRhythm next-gen SIEM. Even Matthew Winter, VP of Marketing & Business Development at LogRhythm and Michael Neiswender, VP of Worldwide OEM Sales at Webroot have appreciated their integration and said that this joint product have the ability of detect and respond to the threats accurately, quickly and efficiently.

The main aim of both the intelligence vendors i.e. Webroot and LogRhythmis to offer the security intelligence via next-generation security analytics and the intelligence platforms. And they will work altogether as a group within the Threat Intelligence Ecosystem by LogRhythm.

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