Look Younger and Feel Better With Peptide Patches

Are you feeling tired and need rest to get refreshed and energized? Are the aging issues creating obstacles in your life and preventing you from giving your best productivity? All these issues can be solved using innovative X39 patches. They are affordable and proven to improve energy levels and reduce wrinkles and fine lines caused due to aging.

The non-transdermal peptide patches stimulate GHK-cu, a small protein called Copper tripeptide-1, to improve

  • Sleep Quality
  • Maintain healthy blood pressure
  • Vitality
  • Boost Memory
  • Promote muscle relaxation

GHK-cu combines three amino acids: lysine, histidine, and glycine, and is blended with copper. It is found in human plasma albumin, urine, saliva, and collagen. Peptide starts the natural healing process in your body.

  • Quick healing of diabetic wounds

Copper tripeptide-1 promotes quick repair of diabetic wounds. It also boosts tissue modeling. It improves collagen synthesis and keratinocyte proliferation. As a result, you can improve the thickness of your skin and boost skin elasticity. It heals uneven pigmentation, and photodamage, and improves the firmness of your skin. It reduces wrinkles and gives you a younger look. It also tightens protective barriers.

You can slow down the natural aging process and reduce scars on your skin. Clinical trials show that peptide patches are capable of inhibiting the development of aggressive colon cancer. It regulates biochemical pathways and resets your gene activity back to a normal state. Therefore, it promotes cell repair.

  • Reverse gene expression signature

The studies show that GHK peptides help to reverse COPD gene expression signature caused due to destruction of lung tissues, inflammation, and emphysema. It plays an essential role to bring back lung capacity to normal levels. With growing age, you are likely to experience a drop in GHK levels.

GHK levels drop to 80 ng/mL in people aged above 60 years from 200 ng/mL at the age of 20. Therefore, you can use X39 patches to improve GHK levels and boost life expectancy. It also helps to down the aging effects and help you live healthily.

  • Utilizes UV light for healing

X39 patches direct ultraviolet light reflections onto your skin for healing benefits. The human body stimulates your skin using electro-dermal skin conductance and improves physiological effects. Phototherapy has been in use for over a century and no negative effects are reported so far.

To enjoy all these health benefits, you need to place the sealed X39 stem cell patches on your skin. It ensures a consistent flow of light to your skin area. The studies show significant memory improvement. You can buy these patches from a reputed online store using a credit card.

  • Improvement in amino acids

You need to apply x39 stem cell patches for eight to twelve hours on your skin to significantly improve levels of amino acids. You need to wear these patches for 7 days a week and 12 hours daily for enhanced health benefits.

Regular use of these stem cell patches rebalances your gut for a healthy homeostatic balance. The clinical trials showed improvement in memory over a 7-day usage. It also showed improvement in sleep quality and vitality. It reduces pain and helps you lead a healthy life.


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