Looking for a breathable and brown toupee and Check this out

Looking for a breathable and brown toupee and Check this out2

most men have an exercising habitual that they training session as a minimum two to 3 times per week. while for a few humans, their daily job is spending loads of time below the solar and sweating. underneath those instances a breathable hair gadget is a should for toupee wearers. If at the equal time, you’re searching out a brown hair toupee, then study directly to find out extra.

today we are providing you a brand new arrival hair device at LaVividHair. it’s far our Harry Lace Hair device. we are able to exhibit this toupee in attributes of base creation, the front contour, hair density and hair color.

size and Base creation

Harry comes in default length of 8” (width – from left to right)x10”(duration – from front to lower back) and it can be reduce in smaller to in shape your very own size.

regarding base creation, Harry is product of French lace and a couple of.5” poly inside the facets and back. This base shape makes this hair unit more durable and stronger than a full lace base. The lace fabric used on the bottom makes the unit definitely breathable and it is a great choice for folks that exercise session regularly, sweat plenty or have an oily scalp.

front Contour

here at LaVivid Hair, Harry lace hair device is the simplest inventory unit that comes with A contour the front hairline. A contour hairline seems greater herbal then the everyday CC hairline.

also the the front hairline is properly bleached and also you received’t word any knots within the the front at all. it’ll provide you with supper natural searching front hairline and realistic appearance.

Hair Density

The hair density is in a hundred%. It is not too thin or too thick. This hair density works for all ages.

Hair colour

Harry offers hair colours and they’re #6 Chestnut brown and #7 lightest brown. below image is #7 lightest brown shade.

Hair Texture

Harry comes with slight wavy and freestyle hair. This makes it less difficult as a way to reap one-of-a-kind elegant hairstyles.

Harry lace hair system is totally breathable and efficaciously lets in your body warmness evaporates. in case you are having an lively way of life and looking for a brown hair shade, certainly provide it a strive.

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