Looking for a career in branding – here are the skills you need.

The fields of advertising and branding are rather interesting. They work with the single focus of creating a difference in the market. A brand is something that evokes a connection in the mind of the customer. It tells a story and helps a customer distinguish between two similar products offered by different brands and pledge his loyalty to one. All this is done with the help of strategic planning. Media schools today offer strategic brand management courses, where they train students to develop a set of skills for carving a lucrative career in brand management. Here are the skills you need.

Dedication to the brand: For one to convince a million people that a brand is worth investing in, one must be dedicated to the brand. Unless you believe in a brand yourself, you cannot convince the world to do so. In this day and age of YouTube and influencers, brand opinions are devised through public relations events and freebies/samples provided to influencers. A good brand manager is one who is dedicated to his brand and does what is best for his business, while also not being afraid to have influencers speak about it; whether good or bad.

Brand evaluation: A crucial part of the strategic brand management process is to come out of the bubble of thinking that your brand is the best. While it is important to be dedicated and to believe in your brand, it is just as necessary to evaluate your brand from time to time and not have horse blinders because you believe you created something magical. If you do not have the numbers to prove the success of your brand, you must have the ability to evaluate a situation and device alternative solutions.

Decision making skills: Brand management is a field that works like the stock market in many ways. Your brand could be selling like hot cakes today and lying stale in the warehouse tomorrow. Sometimes, your strategic brand management plan may not give you the desired results. You may be in a situation where you have to make decisions in a highly uncertain and stressful environment. You should have the ability to power through and make those decisions.

Effective communication skills: One must remember that communication is the key to strategic brand management. You brand has to speak more in less words. People tend to remember brands with shorter tag-lines. You must develop the ability to communicate your brand’s message in such a way that it remains etched in the minds of the consumer.

Creativity: Now this is something that you can’t really learn from your strategic brand management courses, nevertheless it is a necessary skill. Creativity is inherent; if you have the talent for generating great ideas, you have already won half the battle. But being creative and talented is not enough. You should also be willing to listen to other’s ideas and be open to receiving feedback on yours.

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