Looking For a Kindergarten? Here’s What You Need to Consider


So it’s time to enrol your child in Dee Why Kindergarten. Ideally, kindergarten is the foundation for a smooth introduction to real school for your little one. A good early childhood program sets the stage for the rest of her education. While no early program is good or bad, some are better than others, and it’s important to choose the right program for your little one. But, with so many child care centres Dee Why , it can be overwhelming to choose the best one. So, how will you select and what should you consider? Keep reading…


The quality of the program is an important element that needs to be factored in. A good early childhood education program can help your child thrive and lay a foundation for their academics.

Curriculum Structure

Each kindergarten centre offers a different curriculum structure. It’s important to look into what and how your child will be learning in the class. What is the main goal of the program? What kind of outcomes do they look in a child? The method of teaching and communicating. What kind of checkpoints are in place to test the children’s learning? What boundaries do the children have? These are the things you need to consider when it comes to the curriculum structure of day care in Dee Why.

Teacher and Student Ratio

There’s a law in Australia as to how many kids there can be with a teacher. However, it can vary from one state to another. Some schools do better than this ratio, while others don’t follow it and side it. The teacher and student ratio is important to consider because students tend to learn and thrive in a healthy ratio, which means there should be fewer students for a teacher. What is the class size in the kindergarten program? How many teachers are there in the class who will be working with the child daily? This will help to reflect how much attention your child will get throughout the day.

Program Amenities

You should also consider the other amenities of the programs. Can your child get access to other things in the classroom at the school? Is there a playground? Do they have playing accessories? Will the children have special classes like music, science, art, and physical education apart from the academics?

There are many things to consider when choosing a Dee Why kindergarten program for your little one. Some items are more important than others. Trust your instinct. When you get the good vibes about the school, go for it.

The author is a blogger, and owns Dee Why kindergarten. He claims to provide a warm and caring environment where your child can play and learn. For more details, please visit http://deewhykindergarten.com.au/.

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