Looking for a Qualified Arborist? Follow These Practical Tips


Proper care and attention go a long way in ensuring the health of humans and trees alike. That’s why you should care for your surrounding trees to extend their lifespan. This includes doing a lot of tree trimming, pruning, watering, or emergency tree removal. And, getting a professional to do the job will make a huge difference in the health and development of the tree.

So, when you think your trees require any such work, it is good to look for a qualified arborist in Westwood NJ. It is better to work with tree care service providers that are insured and licensed. However, the hunt doesn’t end with finding a licensed and registered firm that complies with the state’s needs. You should also consider the quality work guarantee and extra services offered.

Here are some practical tips that you can use for finding the best Tree Services in Westwood NJ.

ISA Certified Credentials

Several organizations serve certifications to recognize professionals based on certain checks. So, before hiring an arborist, you should look for a professional with certification from such an organization as ISA (International Society of Arboriculture). To obtain a membership, organizations need to prove that they are committed to quality and have the latest practices in place concerning tree care services.

Thus, you should find an arborist with ISA (or similar) certification. This helps make sure that the company passed an extensive examination on tree care and maintenance.

Valid References

Now, the search will lead you to a list of prospective arborists around. Now, you should acquire valid references from them and validate them all. Alternatively, you can also get in touch with a few character references listed to ask them about the firm’s expertise level and services. Making the right decision is essential to ensure the overall health of your trees. That’s because you will be hiring professionals for preventive tree care services.

Don’t Rush in the Face of Discount Offers

Understand that there is a huge variety of discounts that different service providers can likely offer. And you might be tempted to make instant decisions to avail of an offer. However, keep in mind that rushing, when offered a discount, might not get you the best service. Before deciding, check the type of work involved, service cost, and the type of discount that entails. Taking the benefit of a discount is a good idea, but you should ensure it doesn’t come at the cost of work quality.

Get Quotations and Estimates

While references are a good shortlisting factor, estimates from multiple service providers also help you in the process. But before this, you should examine the firm’s and their staff’s credentials. Next, verify the submitted bids’ specifications. Compare the specs to find the proposal that has the perfect mix of cost, work scope, professionalism, and skill.

The professional offering tree services in Westwood NJ, will be responsible for the health of your trees. That’s why finding a reputable and highly knowledgeable service provider is essential.

Disallow the Use of Spikes to Climb Trees

When arborists arrive for inspection, some might bring spurs or spikes to climb the trees. Ensure that they don’t use such things as use of spurs or spikes that can wound the trees and also open a path for insects and diseases. It can lead to the weakness of the tree, or worse, death.

Deviate Away from Excessive Pruning

Some arborists use dangerous pruning practices like tree topping. But a knowledgeable and expert one won’t suggest anything like that. Such practices can injure trees or also make them risky. So, when a professional suggests huge pruning, you shouldn’t hire them. A reputable arborist will bring up several choices based on the tree’s situation and condition.

Look for Fair Market Prices

Getting the tree work done right shouldn’t be expensive always. So, you should invest in a tree company that offers a fair market price. Reputable ones are insured, licensed, and have specialized tools for the job. This is the main reason that there’s a standard cost as a fair price for emergency tree removal in Westwood NJ, and related services.

Stay Careful with Flyers, Cold Calls, or Door Knockers

Always prefer hiring a professional when finding a tree service provider. Evaluate your needs, and the type of services, and verify what the firm specializes in. And then, go with a reputable service provider who makes sure the trees are cared for properly. This ensures they stay beautiful and safe for a long.

Verify Licence and Insurance

Don’t fall for words when it comes to licensing and insurance checks. Verify those before hiring an arborist. Check the license for registration and compliance with state laws. The insurance certificate should cover the compensation for employees and general liability in case of personal property damage.

Don’t Choose Based on Cost Only

It’s more likely for the cheapest quotation to attract your eyes but don’t overlook other factors. It could indicate poor professionalism, no credentials, no insurance, or could have hidden costs involved. So, ensure to stay away from such cheap offers until other factors like reviews, service portfolio, and professionalism are promising enough.

In short, you will get to see a huge variety of tree service providers in the market. Prior to hiring an arborist in Westwood NJ, ensure to acquire detailed knowledge regarding the company. Also, keep a note of the essential tips outlined above to make sure you find the best tree service provider for your needs.


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