Looking For an Aged Care Facility? Avoid These Mistakes


Planning to move into an aged care facility is probably one of the critical decisions that’s often tricky. With so many aged care providers in Sydney, it makes sense to explore your options earlier. Often, lack of information like what should be looking for and how to find the best elderly care Sydney are the major reasons for choosing the a facility that doesn’t suit you.

You’ll have to choose a facility that offers plenty of opportunities to be yourself, socialise with others, to keep yourself active, all while having your privacy. Also, the facility should have 24/7 medical support to handle all medical emergencies. The last thing you want to do is to shift to a different community after you have settled in.

To help you choose the right facility, we have listed the common mistakes that you need to avoid when looking for aged care facilities in Sydney:-

Not Enquiring About the Services Offered

Each aged care facility is different, and the services offered can vary from one facility to another. It’s of utmost importance to get enough information about the services provided by the facility you’re looking to move in. Have you gathered all the information like eligibility requirement, fees, services, funding resources, activities, food, housekeeping, medical assistance, and transport? Most providers furnish patients with a detailed Patients Bill of Rights that outlines the rights and responsibilities of the providers, housemates, and caregivers.

Factoring Cost Alone

Many people base the decision for aged care based on the price. Of course, you’ve to stay within your budget. But, that doesn’t mean you have to compromise on quality and amenities. What about the insurance, meeting the Australian standards for elderly care, customer-service? How often will they communicate with your loved ones about your changing needs? There’s a lot more to decide and consider than just the cost. A good aged care facility will develop a care plan that meets your needs and fits within your budget without compromising anything.

Overlooking the Importance of Caring Staff

A lot of people get influenced by flashy buildings, amenities, and modern furnishings of the facility. Of course, they’re important. But, it’s equally important to consider the experience of the caring staff. Ask the facility manager and see if you could speak or see the work of their staff members. This can give some valuable insights into the care provided by their staff members.

Not Interviewing the Residents

It’s a good idea to interview the residents and look for red flags. Speak to the inmates and hear what they have to say, as they are not interested in promoting the facility and will give you an honest review.

Rushing the Selection Process

You’ll be overwhelmed with the number of choices as there are many facilities in Sydney. So, it’s normal to rush the process. However, take time, narrow down your choice, and choose the best facility in and around your community.

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