Looking for Montessori Near Me? Contact Wonderland Montessori Flower Mound TX

Providing good quality education to a child is one of the biggest responsibilities of any parent. Education will help to build a strong foundation for your child to achieve a fulfilled and successful future. Therefore, parents must be incredibly careful before choosing the education method and school. If you are also looking for a preschool near me for your child, then you have come to the right place. Now, before we introduce to one of the excellent schools in your region, let us tell you a bit about different education methods:

· Traditional Method: This method of education includes classic teaching of subjects such as science, mathematics. This method is mainly focused on teaching the facts and lacks practicality.

· Montessori Method: This method of education is focused on teaching children collaborative play, hands-on training, and self-directed activity.

· Vocational Method: This method of education is focused on teaching children job-oriented skills and activities.

These are the major types of educational methods that are available to choose from for your child. As a parent, you will always choose the best. If out these methods of education, you choose to go for the Montessori method of education for your child, then you must contact Wonderland Montessori.

Wonderland Montessori is a well-known and reputed school in the region to provide the best in class Montessori education to children in the community. The school was established in 2010 with a mission to teach children with the finest education. This Montessori Flower Mound TX has a team of MACTE certified compassionate and loving teachers who focus on each child. They nurture the child and develop his/her skills to make him/her responsible individual. The school is targeted towards kids starting from the age of 6 weeks to 6 years.

Wonderland Montessori offers four educational programs namely, Nido (age 6 weeks to 18 months), Toddler (age 18 to 36 months), Children’s house (age 3-6 years), and Elementary (age 6-12 years). Each program focusses on certain elements of the Montessori education method for the development of your child. Apart from providing an excellent Montessori education, the school also takes care of your child’s nutrition. They provide snacks and hot lunches freshly cooked by a professional chef in the school kitchen.

They also maintain safety and security in school with constant video surveillance. So, if you start searching for a Montessori near me, contact Wonderland Montessori.

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