Looking For Quality Meat for Your Restaurant? These Tips Should Help


As restaurateurs, you probably are aware that the quality of the meat you use in your dishes makes a big difference in the quality of your food and service overall. However, choosing quality meat can seem like an intimidating task, but understanding the basics of quality meat goes a long way toward making sure your restaurant’s food tastes great and represents you well to customers. This guide will help you understand what makes meat high-quality, as well as how to find Sydney kebab manufacturers and buy kebab meat.

The Signs of Good Quality Meat

One of the easiest ways to ensure that you’re getting quality meat is to look at it before you buy it. You can usually tell a lot by looking at meat. A variety of qualities can tell you how good your meat will be, including

The Colour

Colour is one of the qualities you should be looking for. However, the colour varies depending on the breed and age of the animal. In younger ones, the colour of the meat is usually brighter than older ones. Fresh beef will be dark and slightly mottled. On the other hand, fresh lamb is bright red in colour, and pork is bright and shining and has a little dusky pink shade.

The Smell

While most don’t like the smell of raw meat, it’s one of the best ways to identify whether the meat is fresh, old, or spoiled. High-quality, fresh meat smells mild but never uncomfortable.

Meat Surface

If you take a closer look at the doner kebab meat, you’ll notice meat fibres. The grain of the fibres can tell you whether or not the meat is tender or rough. Coarse meat grains with visible muscle fibres means tough meat with flavours. You can buy those for low and slow cooking.


When buying meat, remember that quality is more important than price. You’ll want to look for cuts of meat that are lean and flavourful with a uniform colour. Beef should be bright red in colour, chicken should have no discoloration or yellowing and pork should be pinkish-white with even marbling (fat content). If you buy from a good butcher shop, they will help you determine which cuts are best suited to your kitchen needs.

Buy From a Local Supplier

It is no secret that good-quality meat can be hard to find. This is why it’s a good idea to get to know your local butcher, they can help you choose a high-quality piece of meat. When buying fresh meat, make sure that it looks clean and fresh. Ask where your meat came from, what is its origin and how was it raised? Choose a butcher or source of meat with a good reputation. If possible, learn to identify good quality cuts of meat by looking at them under a magnifying glass.

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