Looking For The Best To-Do-List Apps For Windows 10?

Do you need a full-time assistant that reminds you of your schedules and work deadlines? To-Do-Lists has got your back in this. Creating a list for everything is a well-structured method to save yourself time and lessen the workload.

If you think that to-do lists don’t do good or don’t make a difference, we’ll walk you through the ways it can be used at its best. Not only this, but the best to-do-list apps are also listed below. The advantages of making to-do-lists are:

Looking For The Best To-Do-List Apps For Windows 10?



Just as you like keeping your home organized, making a to-do-list organizes your work schedule or other relevant information. Putting down your projects and plans won’t let you create excuses at the last moment if the things remain incomplete.


You can prioritize some tasks over others and list them at the top to keep reminding you of doing them in time. This helps you manage your work effectively. Also, it’ll maintain a balance between your home and office jobs.


Whenever you jot down something under the category of an incomplete task, a lot of people have the anxiety to finish off all the pending work. Thus, it becomes your responsibility.

Sense of Achievement

Once you complete your listed tasks, it gives you a productive feeling. A positive sense of accomplishment is worth your lists.

Keep out Stress

Creating a list saves a lot of time when you try to remember things to purchase in a supermarket. All you have to do is peek in the app for the required list, and there you go.

Best To-Do-List Apps for Windows 10

The best to-do-list applications for Windows 10 are:

Microsoft To-Do

Microsoft To-Do was introduced in 2017 with basic features. Gradually, more features got added to the application making it one of the best to-do-list apps of 2020. It is a task management app that enables you to manage your tasks across devices like smartphones, PC, etc. Not only this, but you may also share your lists with friends and family. The application allows you to set reminders to keep track of upcoming events.


Todoist is an application that comes handy with both personal and professional use. The app has two versions: Free and Premium. While the free version consists of great features, the premium version comes with advanced features that are useful in their way. Todoist apps can also work with other services like Alexa, Dropbox, Slack, etc. The app used with Windows 10 enables you to mark a task as completed within the notifications, that act as a shortcut and saves time.


The Trello app was created in 2011 by Fog Creek Software. Trello enables you to create multiple columns named To-do, In Progress and Done, and you can shift your tasks accordingly. It is a great application to keep your work organized in its online productivity board.


Ticktick consists of a lot of features, including sharing your lists, setting reminders, etc. It also enables you to track your productivity status via statistics. The application’s free version offers you access to a few of its features, while the premium version lets you unlock all the features.


Any.do lists app is available to use on your Android, iOS, Windows, web, and assistants like Google Assistant, and Alexa. Any.do app again comes with a free and a premium version, and you can work with any of them according to your convenience.

To-do lists are a very useful method to stay organized and keep track of all the things. All the applications listed above can sync across devices, which means you can access your schedules and reminders from any device. Fortunately, all these apps have a free version so that you can try and use them before investing, in case you’re thinking about the same.

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