Looking to Hire a Magician? Factor in These Elements


Are you looking to hire a Magician Sydney? While it’s true that there are many magicians and entertainers in Sydney, there are also many who aren’t as good as they claim to be. The market of magicians and entertainers in Sydney is saturated with practitioners who don’t have the real magic touch, so your task of finding the right one can be quite challenging, especially if you don’t know where to start or what to look out for. However, to help you find the best magician, we’ve listed the key factors to be considered.

Skill Level

Is it your first time searching for Sydney Magician? If so, you might want to consider the skill level of the magician you are considering. A skilled magician is generally better than one with less skill. Is there anything specific you would like the magician to do during their performance? This could include something like sleight-of-hand or audience participation. Do you have any specific budget limitations when looking for a good magic show?

The Magician’s Personality

Does the magician fit your style? Will they be able to provide the type of entertainment you’re looking for? The type of performance you are looking for. Do you want a performer who will be performing on stage, or is it something more intimate that you’re aiming for?

Location and Availability

Is this going to be a traveling performer, or someone who is local? Do they have availability on the days and times that work best with your event?


Cost is one of the most important factors to consider when looking for Magician Hire Sydney. Prices can vary based on your needs and the magician’s skills, but you should never be afraid to ask about pricing. Most magicians will give you an estimate over the phone before they travel so that you have an idea what to expect.

Magicians with more experience will generally charge more than those with less experience, but this does not mean that they are better at what they do. It simply means that they have had more time practicing their craft and have earned their expertise as well as the right to charge a higher price.

Some magicians charge by the hour while others charge by the act and some charge by event. Some offer discounts on packages if booked more than two months in advance while others don’t offer such discounts at all. Some may require a minimum amount spend while others don’t set such limits at all.

Performance Style

The performance style of the magician you are looking for is an important consideration. Some magicians use props and tricks while others focus on sleight of hand. Other factors include whether the performer entertains at kids birthday parties, adults only events, or both. It also matters how much time they take to prepare their act as well as what kind of transportation they require (car, bicycle, boat). These are all things you need to consider when looking for Magician Hire in Sydney!

Magicians are the first contact point with clients, so they need to be approachable. A potential magician should be articulate, empathetic and passionate about what they do.

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