Looking to Hire a Magician for Your Upcoming Event? Check Out These Tips


Are you having trouble finding the right magician? It can be daunting to know where to look to find the right magician to entertain your guests at the upcoming event. Well, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with these seven tips that will help you find the perfect entertainer who is sure to blow your guests away! Let’s get started!

Start With What You Want From the Magician

What are you looking for in a Magician in Sydney? Do you want them to perform tricks or would it be best if they interacted with your guests and gave them more of an interactive experience. Think about what your audience would like as well.

How much space do they need on stage, is there room in the venue, will they need help setting up beforehand and breaking down afterwards. Do you want their sets canned or do they come up with their own show every time. What is their presentation style?

Decide Whether to Hire an Independent Magician or a Company

Working with an independent magician can be the perfect choice if you want a customised performance and personalised service. Many independent magicians work on their own time, so they might have less availability than professional magicians. If you’re hosting an event that’s not time-sensitive, independent Sydney Magician Hire may make sense. But if it’s a birthday party, engagement party or other occasion that takes place within just one day, it may not be worth risking disappointment by waiting to see if the performer is available on short notice.

Consider What Kind of Performances Will Work Best For the Event

There are three main types of performances: stage, cabaret and close-up. A stage performance is typically performed in front of an audience of 100 or more people with a large stage. Cabaret performances are typically around 10 people sitting in private room and close-up performances are normally close-up magic on a small scale, often within touching distance. Depending on what kind of atmosphere your event needs, there should be performers who specialise in that type of performance.

Check Reviews

The last thing you want is an incompetent or rude professional making a fool of themselves at your event. Finding somebody reliable is crucial, but it can be difficult to know what differentiates an average magician from a truly amazing performer. The best way is often just word of mouth and asking friends if they’ve had any experience with any magicians they might recommend. But if that isn’t cutting it, there are many reputable websites that will provide reviews on magicians in the area.

Get Multiple Quotes Different Magicians

An important factor to hire a Magician in Sydney is researching their rates. Find out what others in your area are charging and compare that with what you would be paying for the type of performance. Be sure to ask if there are any extra charges, such as travel or setup fees, before agreeing on a price.

Things to ask when hiring a magician: What does the show entail? Is there anything I need to provide them (lighting, sound system)? How much time will they need for set up and rehearsal? Are there different types of entertainment packages available? How many people can they accommodate at once during the show?

Hopefully, these tips should help you find the right magician in Sydney to your event.

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