Lost Ark Frostfire Island Guide – How to Complete Quests to Earn Rewards

Lost Ark is a dynamic and exploratory adventure game where players can continuously upgrade their characters and equipment by growing Lost Ark Gold and items to explore a larger map. RPGStash will recommend you Frostfire Island, one of the best islands to grow Tier 1 materials.

What is Lost Ark Frostfire Island?

Frostfire Island is very important in Lost Ark, a remnant of the Flame Demon Corps and God Of Ice, the fire never goes out and the ice never melts. Items on Frostfire Island can build Rapports. RPGStash recommends that players only enter Frostfire Island when their item level is at least 460, as you will encounter very powerful bosses. If your level has not been reached, it is recommended that you use Lost Ark Items to upgrade first, RPGStash can help you save more precious time.

Where is Lost Ark Frostfire Island?

Find Frostfire Island in the Geinah Sea, northwest of Shushire Island, where massive ice blocks block the road and are considered one of the best mining spots in the Lost Ark. Players can reach Frostfire Island by boat, RPGStash recommends taking the Sturmbrecher boat or any of the best ships in the Lost Ark, as a trip to Frostfire Island requires you to be well prepared.

How to get Frostfire Island Token?

Frostfire Island Tokens are available as RNG drops, you can collect approximately 95 Island Tokens, which players will earn by defeating a world boss named Brealeos. These tokens reward you with different items such as stat potions, mounts, and even skill point potions.

To get the Frostfire Island Tokens reward, make sure your item level is 1385, and head to the center of the island, the world boss Brealeos will appear on certain days, it’s a damaged sponge, and while attacking the boss can be tricky, its mechanics Not difficult to overcome.

After defeating Brealeos, several rewards and several engraving recipes will drop. To make sure you don’t miss out on any of the rewards Frostfure Island has to offer, especially Frostfire Island Tokens, consider using Procyon’s Eye Compass Spawn Time to fight the boss, as you may need to defeat it multiple times to earn Island Tokens.

Frostfure Island rewards will greatly help players build in the final stages of Lost Ark. Before farming in Frostfire for rewards, make sure you have the best Solo Class in Lost Ark.

Rare Battle Engraving Recipe Pouch

You can get 8 of them on Frostfire Island, but they cannot be dismantled. After picking it up, you can use it by accessing your inventory. It will reward you with one Uncommon Battle Engraving Recipe from Lost Ark. You can choose from over 30 recipes such as the Spirit Absorption Engraving Recipe, Grudge Engraving Recipe, and Super Charge Engraving Recipe and many more.

Legendary – Uncommon Card Pack

The item is indestructible and cannot be disassembled or sold. Also, once you pick it up, it will automatically appear in your inventory roster. Once you have this pack, you can choose from the following packs in Lost Ark:

Legendary Card Pack x1
Rare Card Pack x1
Epic Card Pack x1
Uncommon Card Pack x1

Epic Rapport Chest

The Epic Rapport Chest is one of the most popular drops from Frostfire Isle. It is tied to your inventory roster when acquired and cannot be removed.

You’ll have the chance to get Rethramis Holy Water, Yudia Natural Salt, Eagle Claw, Stalwart Cage, Prideholme Potato, and several other epic items.

Frostfire Island Mokoko Seeds

There are three green Mokoko Seeds on Frostfire Island. Among them, there are Mokoko Seeds at the northernmost end of the island, which is easy to find. The most difficult is the two Seeds located at the southern end of the island. There are monsters on this side of the map. The second Mokoko Seed is located in the Frost part of the area and is easy to find.

The last Mokoko Seed appears in the same area, surrounded by many tough monsters. After obtaining the three Mococo seeds from Frostfire Island, you can get a lot of experience points and the island token of the Lost Ark. Finding Mokoko Seeds can be very difficult, so make sure you have your Mount in Lost Ark with you to make things easier.

Frostfire Island Quests

A visit to Frostfire Island is part of many side quests and the main quest of Lost Ark. Below are quests that require you to farm items and rewards on Frostfire Isle.

The Great Orders

You will meet an NPC named Banri during the quest. The main objective of this quest is to speak to the Elemental Guardians on Frostfire Isle.

Prerequisites For The Quest

Following are the two prerequisites for the quest;

The Protection Of Sirius
Fire Demon’s Range


You will get the following rewards upon completing the quest;

Roster XP x105
Epic Rapport Chest x4
silver x15000

The Protection Of The Sirius

For the quest, you will meet the NPC named Aidan. You will need to follow the NPC’s instructions to get the protection of Sirius. Additionally, it is important to complete the Great Ordeals Quest first before you start The Protection Of Sirius.


Courage x1
Roster XP x195
Uncommon Engraving Recipe Chest x4
Silver x28000
Uncommon Battle Engraving Recipe Selection Pouch x4

Fire Demon’s Rage

The NPC Kianan will give you instructions on how to obtain the Rage of the Flame Legion Commander in this Quest. You will have to complete the Great Ordeals quest as a requirement to unlock Fire Demon’s Rage Quest.


Roster XP x195
Legendary- Uncommon Card Pack x6
Silver x28000
Uncommon Battle Engraving Recipe Selection Pouch x4

Completing Frostfire is a critical step in the Lost Ark main campaign. Many players come here to swipe for rewards and items. You can do it alone or explore with a partner. In addition, if you want to learn more Lost Ark guide, please follow RPGStash, you can also quickly Buy Lost Ark Gold from here to save more favorable time.

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