Lost Ark Kungelanium Introduce

What is Lost Ark Kungelanium?

Kungelanium is a new boss added to Lost Ark. An ice version of the boss known as Lava Chrome. Punishes anyone who tries to bring him down with cold force, the difficulty factor is relatively high, classes like Bard and Destroyer in Lost Ark will help you defeat the boss easily.
The second Guardian the player faces in a level 6 Guardian Raid is the Kungelanium. Therefore, Guardian Slayers can only fight Kungelanium with item level 1470 or higher. The Kungelanium Boss is known for its destructive frost wind, which can freeze his enemies and destroy everything in range.
Lost Ark Kungelanium’s ice-themed attacks can inflict debuffs that make players feel chilled or frozen. So he mainly deals with stun attacks. Before fighting the Guardians, if you are not confident enough, you can use Gold Lost Ark to buy weapons or upgrades and make sure you have received enough training in the Lost Ark training room.

Why Attack the Lost Ark Kungelanium

In Lost Ark, the more difficult the boss encountered, the richer the reward. Kungelanium will drop tier 3 relic accessories, drop some upgrade materials and rarities, and defeating Kungelanium will also help you get certain engravings in Lost Ark. This is one of the best bosses for players to collect materials to upgrade, miss out, you may need to buy Lost Ark Items from rpgstash.com.
Kungelanium is harder to beat than Descaluda, the first Guardian you’ll encounter in level 6. The mechanics of his attack are rather incomprehensible. But if you’re trained in the instant death mechanic, you can kill Guardians even if your gear level isn’t high. You can play Kungelanium Boss Raid alone or with a party, depending on how fast you want to beat him.

Recommended Items For Battle

Make sure you have the following items in your inventory before starting the fight against the Kungelanium. Ask us about the best mining spots in the Lost Ark, where many of the items you need to fight Kungranim are stored.

Kungelanium Rewards

While Kungelanium does not drop Legendary trinkets, he does drop some Relic trinkets and Relic Skill Stones. You will also get a lot of Honor Leap Stones. After defeating the Kungelanium, you will also get the Galewind Rune, a legendary item. With this rune, your spell casting speed is increased by 14%, and you can access it from your inventory roster. You cannot sell or demolish runes.
It’s worth mentioning that if Galewind Rune has already been acquired from Descaluda, you will not be able to get it again. There are more tricks you need to know to beat Kungelanium, please follow RPGStash to learn more. Besides that, if you need to level up your character, you can Lost Ark Buy Gold from rpgstash.com, there are more rare Lost Ark Items for sale, 100% safe and fast delivery.

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