Lost Ark server status: How would I be able to let know if the game isn’t running

Head north from Bishu Manor Triport. Head north of Bishu Manor Triport until the road’s fork Lost Ark Gold. If you take the right turn towards Nahun’s Birthplace there will be another fork. There you’ll find a huge Crow, along with a bunch of regular ones. This is the Bulky Crow you need for your book.

Creepy Orchard The Weevil Monster’s Location – Flowering Orchard

From the Sien Inn Triport, follow the south-facing path through the vast area of houses which are populated with insects. Stay to the left side of the map, and go straight to the southeast corner. There’s a small field at the very end, near the corner as the path changes direction to the west. It’s the Creepy Orchard Weevil is located in the field.

Evil Legion Giant Commander Monster Location – Leyar Terrace

You must leave Tamir Village and go through the middle of the above region, in the direction of Borea’s Domain Portal. If you choose to take the left of both paths as you move up, you should come across guardsman named Weiny. Go east here. As you enter the next section you’ll meet your Evil Legion Commander. He’s got about 10.000 health, hits hard and typically has at least one mini-boss level monster with him Make sure you are cautious. In lower levels, this can be hard to beat.

Frenzied Agarus Monster Location – Borea’s Domain

Go south out of Galatur’s Forge. Once you are in a large area, head for the south exit. Just as the area thins out, just prior to the broken cart on the right side of the road there is the Frenzied Agarus.

Frenzied Imp Mage Monster Location – Borea’s Domain

Work your way to the south from Galatur’s Forge, and into the southwest corner of the region below, where a path leads west towards the northwest part of Borea’s Domain. You can climb the stairs to the northern corner and go left at the top cheap Lost Ark Gold. The corner is the location of the spawning point for a Frenzied Imp Mage.

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