Lost Ark Shangra Island Discovery Guide

Lost Ark has over a hundred islands to explore, each with its unique bosses, treasure maps, rewards, tokens, and more. Shangra Island is one of the hardest-to-find adventure islands in Lost Ark, and one of the more well-known and popular islands in the game.

Where is Lost Ark Shangra Island?

Shangra is a limited-time island that follows a timer and can only be used for a limited time before it disappears. Because the island will spawn in three locations across the map, you’ll need a sturdy ship to navigate the sea and find the island before it disappears.

RPGStash recommends you reach levels 50 and 250 before you start exploring the vast ocean of Lost Ark. To level up faster, you have to keep collecting Lost Ark Gold and some other upgrade items. If you don’t have enough time, RPGStash can help you a lot.

The three possible spawning sites for Shangra Island are the southeast of North Vern, the north of Annika in the Dead Sea, and finally the northwest of North Vern.

Mokoko Seeds on Shangra Island

Mokoko Seeds are one of the Lost Ark currencies and one of eight collectibles. Shangra Island offers seven Mokoko Seeds, and for Mokoko Seed Hunters, you can collect them simply by pressing the G key to interact with them.

Redeem Mokoko Seeds

To redeem your collected mokoko seeds, you will sail to Tortoyk Island, where you will find Mokoko Village. Once you reach Mokoko Villages, talk to the NPC named Totoma. You can get tons of cards, amulets, useful blueprints, and a variety of other items exclusively by redeeming mokoko seeds.

In addition, players can also get tokens on Shangra Island, complete daily tasks on Shangra, get 120 Firm Peach, and then get Thousand-year-old Tree Bud, the minimum requirement to get Firm Peach is to complete the daily Repeatable tasks. When you earn 5,600 Firm Peach, you will earn Shangra Island Tokens.

Repeatable Quests

Repeatable quests include they are growing every day, which will give you x50 firm peaches, a visitor to the lady’s spa will give you x30 firm peaches and peach wine, waterfall training will give you x20 firm peaches and x10 incense Gera Flower Dew, and the last one is Holy Deer, which will give you x20 Firm Peach and x10 Shangra Flower Dew.

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