Lost Ark Skins Intro: 5 Best Dawn Collection Armor Skins

A lot of interesting weapon and armor skins have been added to the Lost Ark Dawn Collection recently, these are nice skins, the light version is a mix of white, gold and red and it works great, while the dark version uses black, silver and red and looks great Great. This new edition has attracted the attention of many fans.

In this new addition, almost every one of them will want, but considering the budget, let’s buy a favorite first since each skin costs 25,800 crystals or 900 royal crystals. In any case, the accumulated Gold Lost Ark cannot be easily spent. Let’s take a look at these skins first.


Sharpshooter looks pretty cool at the best of times, but recent Lost Ark updates and the Dawn Collection have managed to take it a step further. Its light outfit is one of those that uses blue, but it pairs perfectly with the golden bow and armor. That said, sharpshooters really should blend into the shadows, and that’s where dark gear comes in. The bow is blood red with black highlights, making it feel like the weapon of an emotionless but effective killer.


A warrior in head-to-toe armor, beautiful and impractical. While wearing this armor, the Gunners feel like the most elite Royal Guard. In the light version, Gold and Purple wears an accomplished warrior who values ​​loyalty above all else and has seen countless battles. Meanwhile, the dark version is a ruthless killer whose carapace is only colored by the blood of his enemies.


The Scrapper’s Dawn Collection skin is a powerful class that always deals all damage and is uniquely placed among other classes. While it still technically has a light and dark version, the dark is mostly white, invoking Assassin’s Creed imagery, but more of an anime. They both look great, though, and the light versions are so bright that on your face, any light source will shimmer red and gold.


Summoners must be a pain to wear in their flowing dresses and pointy shoulder pads. Like the other styles, the thin version really hits the spot, balancing the reds and whites on the fabric while using gold to accentuate the most delicate parts. The dark version contrasts the black and pink inside the cape to help the garment retain a bit of personality.


Bard is a somewhat limited class designed to step back from the action and make sure everyone else is doing their best, so they might as well take a look at the role while they’re involved. The Bard’s dark skin is really cool, with an equal ratio of red and black, making them look more like rock stars than humble traveling musicians. Naturally, the sheer version is the exact opposite of a white dress, highlighted in shimmering gold.

The above is the introduction of the latest armor skins from the Dawn Collection, each of which is unique and meets the preferences of different players. If you’re planning to buy, be sure to pick a favorite, as it’s not that easy to get enough crystals for the skin.

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