Lost or Stolen Car Keys – What Do You Do?

More than 20 million Americans lose their car keys every year.   It is the third most lost item, after television remotes and cell phones.   Americans spend almost three days a year looking for their keys and more than $2 billion dollars replacing them.

There wasn’t much information on how often thieves steal car keys, but each year, they pilfer more than 700,000 vehicles.  In the past few years, American drivers made it easier by leaving their keys, fobs, and transponders near, in, and around their vehicles.

So, if you lose your keys or realize someone stole them, what do you do?  There are several options and various steps in which to take.  Of course, such will always happen when you are in a rush, on a work deadline, and/or when your kids are in a hurry to get to school.  It never fails.

Before going further, if you believe a thief stole your automobile keys  and you are still in possession of your vehicle, do not waste any time – immediately call the police.  You do not want the thief to steal your car.

Okay, now, here are the next steps to take in order to replace your keys (including fob and/or transponder):

•    Review Your Insurance Policy:  some policies cover the cost of lost and/or stolen keys.   Such may, however, increase your premium, so you might want to consider paying the cost directly.

•    Check Your Manual, Owner’s Card, and V5C Document:  this will confirm the make, model, and Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).  This will help with the making of a new key (including fob and/or transponder).

•    Gather Your Photo ID:   to confirm that you, in fact, own the automobile and to confirm your identity.

•    Decide Who Will Replace the Keys (including fob and/or transponder):  you could contact the dealer or a local garage.  The dealer or local garage, though, will respond slowly and charge you a high amount.  Your best choice is a trained, licensed, professional auto locksmith in Charlotte, NC.  A trained, licensed, professional locksmith in Charlotte, NC will reasonably charge you, respond swiftly, and have you back on the road as quickly as possible.

KR Locksmith

KR Locksmith (“KR”) is a family-owned Locksmith in charlotte nc.  It serves Charlotte and the surrounding area.  Its team of highly trained professionals have over 15 years of experience in commercial, home, and automotive services.  It uses the highest quality locks and is proud of its top locksmith reputation.

Automotive Locksmith Charlotte NC is the best choice for Car Key replacement.  It will help program your car keys within minutes.

KR offers the following services:

•    Laser-cut keys
•    Ignition repair and change
•    Broken key extraction from ignition and car doors
•    Lock rekeying
•    Key cutting and replacement
•    Trunk opening
•    Transponder key programming
•    Car Lockout services

If you need immediate assistance, any time, day or night, call (980)333-8238, and KR will send out a locksmith to assist.   Use its convenient “Book Service” and “Click to Call” functions.

Contact KR Locksmith today for all your professional locksmith needs.  Your security, privacy, and confidence are its primary concerns.

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