Lost Your Norton Product Key? Here is How You Can Recover it!

Norton is a well-known name among the online security services providers. It offers the widest selection of products for ensuring the complete privacy and protection of your data, applications and software. Being a reputed name in this domain, Norton understands this fact that a virus may enter a system anytime and harm your confidential information. These viruses may lock your system and ask you a huge sum of money in order to let you access your device back again. That’s the reason Norton has come up with a wide variety of antivirus for consumers and businesses.

This simply means that a user can choose a Norton product as per their specific requirements. Norton products are mainly geared towards providing you utmost protection against all sorts of viruses that directly or indirectly attack your device. Its specialized security solutions are also there to protect your network, so that no virus can harm your data and software through the network.

Norton also makes sure that every transaction you do over the web or the piece of information you share over the web is highly secure. It automatically blocks the websites that seems malicious or infected to it. To get a Norton product, you need to purchase it via its official online store or a retail store. In both the cases, you will get a Norton product key. The key is important to the Norton users as without it you cannot install or activate your Norton product.

However, if you have forgotten this key after purchasing or installing your Norton product, then here are the steps to recover it:

  1. Visit Norton.com/setup
  2. Enter your registered email ID and password
  3. Click Sign in
  4. In case you forgot your password, reset it by clicking over the Forgot Password link
  5. Once you do this, a password recovery link will be sent to your registered email ID
  6. Open that mail, visit the recovery link and set a new password
  7. Once you logged in, go to My Norton
  8. Now open Services tab and click your Norton product
  9. Here, you can see the product key associated with the particular Norton product you have purchased
  10. Copy this Norton product key and use it during installation or activation

Please note that the steps for recovering the Norton license key code for different Norton products are more or less same. There may or may not be slight different between them. After following the provided steps, if you are still not able to recover the key, contact Norton customer support and get it recovered by a certified technician. The technician will ask you some basic questions about your Norton product and will definitely help you retrieving the product key. Hope the information was useful!

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