Lottery V/S Raffle: The Key Differences

The idea of becoming a millionaire overnight with minimal efforts is surely very intriguing for everyone. The idea has urged people around the world to try their luck in various types of contests such as PowerBalls and EuroMillions. While searching for such contests, people often come around two terms, a lottery and a raffle. There is a general misconception about these two terminologies which needs proper clarification.

Raffles are often confused to be the same as the lottery. However, there are a few key differences between the two. The most important difference between a raffle and a lottery is that there is always a winner in a raffle. A lottery can often end up without a winning entry. This is due to the fact that in a raffle, only the sold tickets enter the raffle while the unsold ones are dispatched of.

Another major difference between the two is that in raffles, the tickets are numbered. Thus, people do not have the liberty to choose their desired number. In contrast, the lotteries give people the freedom to pick the number they like. Hence, if you think a particular number is your lucky charm, you have the luxury of picking it.

Finally, another difference that sets a lottery and a raffle apart is that in a lottery, every ticket costs the same amount and each ticket has the same chance of winning the jackpot. However, a raffle has tickets which are more expensive than others. These tickets have more numbers and thus have a better chance of winning.

Despite all these key differences, the mechanism behind a lottery and a raffle is still the same. Winning either a lottery or a raffle depends totally on luck. It is almost impossible to predict the outcome of either of them. Hence, the decision of selecting one over the other varies from person to person.

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