Love Fried Foods? Here’s How to Throw Fried Foods Party


Whether it is meat or chicken, we love everything when it is deep-fried. Why not celebrate this beloved cuisine by throwing a fry-day party? Dedicated parties are fun and allow for a lot of experimentation. Believe us, it’s going to be fun and your party is going to be the talk of the town. Here’s how to pull it off, tips and tricks:-

Plan Your Party Menu

Be it any party or gathering, food is the key component. While there are many things to organise and do when it comes to throwing a party, deciding on the menu is crucial as it can make or break your party. Planning your menu in advance help keep you organized and gives the chance of figuring out what you can do to satisfy your guests ahead of time. Choose easy dishes like fried Castle Hill chicken, meat, vegetables, salads, desserts, dips and drinks. Always go for food items that are quick to make with minimal ingredients like meat and chicken Castle Hill instead of going overboard with tons of food.

Serving fried chicken with dips and salads along with some drinks and cocktails would be more filling than adding more food items in your menu. Also, it helps to save time. The fewer different dishes you have in your party menu, the less time it takes to cook, serve, and clean up. Consider the amount of prep and cooking time that goes into each dish. Opt for recipes with short cooking times and minimal prep to make the best use of your time.

Choose the Recipe and Try It First

It is much better to pick crowd-pleasing recipes to cook than trying most intensive fried dishes when you are partying, especially if you are throwing fry-day party. It is a general rule for any dinner party. While you have plenty of things to do and organise on the day of the event and you don’t want to be worried that the fried food items are going to explode and go wrong. That’s why it is important to practice it first if you are not relying on caterers for party food. Ensure you know in and out of the fryer set-up before your guest walk in the door. Doing so will make things easier and ensure your chicken or meat is tender, juicy, and breading are crisp.

Purchase and Organise the Ingredients

Once you practice, take time to purchase the ingredients and organise them to save time later when you start cooking. Group together the ingredients for each recipe on the day before the party. By doing so, you could spend less time digging your pantry and refrigerator for the ingredients.

Partially Prepare Recipes

Some dishes like fried chicken can’t be made completely before the party as it requires marination and soaking. It is a good idea to complete the recipe to a certain point. Prepare the sauces, salads, dips and other dishes ahead of time and cook the rest of the menu just before the party.

There you are, if you can’t or have not time to cook at home, have it delivered from the chicken shop Castle Hill so that you can enjoy the party with your friends and family.

The author is a blogger and chef working one of the Castle Hill restaurants- Wishbone Rotisserie. It is a family owned restaurant that provides juicy, delicious, fried chicken and burgers along with salads. Visit for more details about chicken Castle Hill.

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