Love, Victor: Things You Missed About Benji

The teen drama Love, Victor, is a series on Hulu created by Elizabeth Berger and Isaac Aptaker. The show was set in and inspired by the 2018 film Love, Simon. Love, Victor premiered on Hulu on 17 June 2020. 20th Television produced it along with Berger and Aptaker. The plot focuses on a highschooler Victor Salazar who is struggling with his sexuality. His friend Benji Campbell played by George Sear, is the only person who helps him in this journey. He is a kind and charismatic student who has come out to his peers and parents. The character of Campbell grows slowly and Victor develops a crush on him. Benji does not receive enough attention as other characters, and his squeezed back story is easy to miss.

He’s Dating A College Student

Derek does not appear in any show. He is never present at events or in school hallways. In the final episode, the story explained why he is so scarce during the Spring Fling dance. Derek shares with Benji that he does not feel comfortable attending the high school functions. He has been away from school for a long time and is already a graduate. The age gap restricts him from attending parties and functions.

He’s Only Been Out For A Year

Benji tells Victor at the Spring Fling dance that he has been out for a while, which could mean it would be even for a few months or years. And we know he is in a relationship with Derek for a year. In the previous episode, Benji said he would turn 16 and came out from his parents after getting the driver’s license. And now he is 17, so he has been out for a little over a year.

He Tells A Lot Of Lies

Victor asked Benji to pretend that he is straight in front of his family. Benji is good at lying, and asking him to pretend was not a deal for him. He lies when his boyfriend tries to reveal the relationship. And he also lies to Victor about the suspended license. He withholds the information from his boyfriend about his and Victor’s kiss.

His Art Abilities Are Equal To Mia’s

Victor has a soft corner for artists. His both love interest, Mia and Benji, amazing portrait makers. The pair could have mutually bonded over the same interest if not the love triangle. Benji draws a portrait of Victor with most accuracy even when he never poses for it, which gives us a hint that he has an eye on Benji even before their kiss.

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