MetaSweet™ is a prebiotic fibre sweetener. MetaSweet™ is available in both corn & tapioca, in both a syrup and powder. It is highly soluble and is an exceptional low-calorie sweetener, texture improver, fat replacer, binding & bulking agent.

MetaSweet™ is a mixture of short-chain carbohydrates made of glucose molecules which are linked with each other through a digestion resistant bonding.  Soluble Fiber Powder

MetaSweet™ is a premium high-purity prebiotic fiber, made from enzymatic conversion of starch. It functions as a premium dietary fiber, prebiotic and low-calorie sweetener.

MetaSweet™ can also mimic fat and is the perfect binder in foods & beverages.

MetaSweet™ you can develop a low sugar / low fat / low calorie product, without compromising on taste, texture & mouthfeel.

Sugar & Fat Replacer

Do you want to buy the most reliable sugar replacers available on the market? You can depend on Nexus Ingredient to buy top quality sugar and fat replacers of excellent quality. We offer METASWEET to deliver the needs of food manufacturers perfectly. This replacer product makes the user highly satisfied without causing any health issues. Increase Shelf-Life of Foods

Our fat and sugar replacers leave enhance flavor, water activity, freshness, moisture control, tenderness, label life, emulsification, and health profile effectively. You can buy these products at an affordable price. We offer 100% natural, clean label solutions with gluten-free ingredients to take the functionality of frozen foods, small goods, bars, and baked goods.

Sugar & Fat Replacer

METASWEET™ has a slightly sweet flavour and sugar mouthfeel, it successfully mimics fat and creaminess.

Better Texture & Flavour

METASWEET™ strong natural binding agent, controls water activity, enables softer texture & richer flavours.


METASWEET™ is a natural Prebiotic without any negative indigestion responses

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