Lucifer: Tom Ellis is going to hell in season 5 along with his detective skills

Tom Ellis starrer Lucifer is a fantasy television series that has garnered very high viewership ever since its debut. But it has also been criticised a lot. Although the seasons following its debut were rated to be much better. The show’s popularity is only growing with time. Elli’s portrayal of Lucifer on-screen has attracted attention. Initially televised on Fox, the show was picked up by Netflix after it was cancelled following its Season 3.

 Lucifer’s centre of attention is Lucifer Morningstar, who once used to be a powerful angel but was kicked out of heaven for treachery. In hell, he gets very bored after being there for more than a thousand years. He then decides to give up his boring life and run a nightclub in Los Angeles which he calls ‘Lux’. Later, he ends up getting involved with a murder case which then gets him a job as a consultant in LAPD. He along with Detective Chloe Decker then embark on a journey to work together on various cases and threats.

All of this happens on Earth. But in season 5, it is reported that Lucifer will return to Hell along with all the investigation tricks and skills he learned from Chloe Decker. If the recent reports are to be believed Lucifer won’t only go down in Hell to work on various cases but will also work overtime. Season 5 will have a total of 16 episodes, and the first eight episodes will be released on 21st August. Season 5 was going to be the last season for the show. But it was recently revealed that the supernatural show will have one more season after this.

If the show’s growing popularity and fans’ excitement is to be believed, season 5 of Lucifer is going to be a very big hit. Ever since Netflix started streaming it there has been a change of luck for the show as it has been able to pull off success surprising everyone, including the critics. There was constant criticism over the show’s ability to make it big enough to survive on Netflix. Ever since its season 4, those criticisms are less common. Now there are only speculations on how much more successful can the show be? With season 5 coming in a few days, we can expect to get answers to some of those speculations.

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