Lucky bracelet made from real stones.

The Re-engage Lucky Bracelet is finished with a Florentine Finish Paper Aeroplane charm. Symbolising the connections we create with our loved ones, reaching out during difficult times and the optimism of sharing stories, the Paper Plane is a joyful universal creation. A simple childhood plaything with a powerful message of hope.

This latest addition to the Lucky Collection has been designed in partnership with Re-engage, a charity that shares Carolina’s vision of a world where no one is too old to make new friends. At a time when social interaction is more important than ever, Re-engage seeks to encourage the formation of meaningful connections between volunteers and older individuals facing isolation and solitude.

The Re-engage Lucky bracelet is just one of the ways Carolina Bucci is supporting Re-engage, with £50 from the sale of each Silver Lucky bracelet going directly to Re-engage. These proceeds help to train and connect a volunteer call companion with someone in need, as well as providing a valuable support system for those who are isolated.

Inspired by the classic cotton friendship bracelets of Carolina’s childhood, กำไลหินนำโชค each lucky bracelet features a Silver diamond-cut chain, hand braided with Sage, Lilac and Pink silk and finished with a Paper Plane Charm. Double knot and make a wish when tying them on.

This bracelet is meant to be worn alone or layered. Each bracelet is approximately 34cm, including 4.5cm long tassels on either end.

Please note that as each product is made by hand, there may be slight natural variations in the length or tone of pieces.

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