Luxury Hajj Tour Package from Mumbai 2021

Hajj Tour package 2021


Hajj is the most sacred journey for all the Muslims around the world. It can be only performed once a year. Bakhla Tours & Travels is the best tour operators for Hajj Tour Package from Mumbai. We have been serving pilgrims from the last 30 years.


Hajj Tour Packages are of many different types. All the types of package depends upon the price. Starting from the goverment Hajj Committee package which is considered to be the lowest price of all. Next are the private tour operator’s Hajj Tour Packages. As there is a difference in the prices of the package there will be difference in the facilities as well.


  1. Both Hajj and Umrah are Islamic journeys.
  2. I recommend you to carry your own Ahram with you when on the Hajj or Umrah Journey. You might find the Ahram at a higher price when in Saudi Arabia
  3. You should read proper books before going for the journey of Hajj to complete all the rituals perfectly OR you should learn all the duties from an experiences person or an Imam.
  4. Research thoroughly the rates and the market of Hajj before making a reservation or booking for yourself.
  5. Keep in mind the reputation of the company before finalizing the package of Luxury Hajj Tour Package. Bakhla Tours & Travels is having more than 30 years of experience in organising the tours of Hajj and Umrah. Contact Us : +919892817865.
  6. Super Deluxe Package, Short Tour Package, Deluxe Package, Economy Package are the different types of packages which are offered by Bakhla Tour & Travels. There are many travel agencies offering Hajj Tour packages but Bakhla Tours & Travels is the best one.
  7. As per the package prices the facilities will differ. The facilities includes hotels, flights, Mouallim Number, Food, Transportation and many more small things which is included in the Package of Hajj.
  8. Millions of people from all around the world are gathered to perform the religious journey of Hajj. You should take proper precautionary measures to be safe from flus and viruses. Carry masks with yourself and wash hands quite frequently.
  9. The pilgrim should check the properly the exclusions and inclusions of the Hajj Package.
  10. Pilgrims usually get attracted with the low prices in the private tour which agents sell to them. They just concentrate on the price but they does not cross check with the facilities which they will get with this fancy pricing.
  11. You should be alert and you should be safe from the Hajj Umrah scam companies. These companies releases packages at low prices to take advance from pilgrims and run a scam.
  12. Try to keep a physical meeting at the office of the travel agency to see their physical presence and reputation you avoid being a victim to these scams.



To sum up I will say that every Muslims should perform Hajj only if they meet the conditions. See the above points to stay safe from the scams. Choose the package according to the budget. Be mentally prepared for the religious journey of Hajj.

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