LV Switchboards: Introduction, Functionalities, and Applications

Depending on their unique requirements, all commercial and industrial units rely upon low voltage switchboards manufactured by the top low voltage switchboard suppliers in India. These units make use of these switchboards or switchgear to either control or cut off the electrical supply of their premises from a single point. Low voltage electricity distribution equipment generally operates at less than 600 volts when compared to MV devices that can afford a bigger range of volts from 600 to 38,000.

Electrical distribution solutions are used for the safe distribution of power 

Electrical distribution solutions like medium or low voltage switchgear manufactured by the leading low voltage switchboard suppliers work for the safe and satisfactory electrical transmission to all the electrical hardware utilized in a home, business establishment, or mechanical structure. The transmitted electricity reaches first at an electric sub substation, where it is gone through a progression of step-down transformers that again lower the voltage to more usable levels. 

How it works 

Finally, the usable power enters the structure at a solitary point known as the service entrance. Power enters through a fundamental electrical switch or fusible switch situated inside an electrical assembly alluded to as the service entrance electrical distribution gear. Panel boards, switchboards, and switchgear would all be able to be utilized as service entrance electrical distribution gear or at a point downstream, in which case it is referred to just as power dissemination hardware. Every alternative offers remarkable uses and advantages to the multi-inhabitant home, business offices, or mechanical sites, so it is useful to think about each in more prominent detail.

Areas where low voltage switchgear manufactured by low voltage switchgear suppliers find applications include the following:

  • Oil and gas
  • Utility and co-generation
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Generator Manufacturers
  • Food and beverage
  • Critical power and data centers
  • Mining and materials
  • Steel mill
  • Wastewater
  • Power generation, and
  • Aerospace.

Low voltage switchboards made available by the top low voltage switchboard suppliers in India are designed, constructed, and tested to offer reliable and dependable power distribution across the sites, unfailing protection, and effective and efficient power monitoring with control. These solutions are intended to maximize the functionality of the power circuit breakers as well as a large number of molded case circuit breakers. Some of the most prominent benefits of LV switchboards include the following:

  • Standard connections to a full range of products
  • Optional Modbus Communications
  • Optional REA Relay Arc Flash System
  • Modular frame design arrangements for flexibility
  • Optional vertical barriers for between sections
  • Optional breaker compartment barriers for increased personnel protection
  • Maintenance Switch Option. 

Concluding Remarks 

Tricolite is one of the leading low voltage switchgear suppliers in India offering a comprehensive range of world-class power distribution solutions. The company has been within the business for many decades and it has developed its reputation based on the commitment to 100% customer satisfaction and to offering value for money. What distinguishes the company from its peers is the culture of continuous learning and innovation, full ownership of what it does, decentralized management style, and an experienced and professionally qualified team of engineers and technocrats. 

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