What to Do Before Sending Your Laptop for Macbook Pro Repair

Like any device, a macbook pro has a risk of wear and tear. You may have trouble with the display, the sound quality of your speakers may fall, etc. In such cases, you may need to leave your macbook overnight at the service station. Here are a few things to do before sending your laptop for macbook pro repair.

Take a Backup

Photographs, documents, scanned copies of certificates…. There are many things you may have saved in your laptop. These are things that you cannot afford to lose. Thus, the first thing to do before sending your macbook for repairs is to take a backup of all important information saved on it. You can take a backup through the built-in backup feature or connect your macbook to an external storage device and move a copy of all the important documents to this storage device. Ideally, you should also schedule regular backups to ensure that your data always stays secure.

Keep all your device information handy

Macbook pro repair may be covered under warranty. If not, you will have to pay for the repairs. Thus, the first step to repairing your device is to get all your documentation in order. Find your sales receipt to check whether your device is covered by warranty. You will also need a form of personal identification and your Apple ID password. You can use a government-issued ID card, your passport or your driving license for personal identification. You will also need to know the account details for your macOS user account. This includes the email id used to access the account and the password for the same. This is especially important if you have been a long time Apple user and have used multiple passwords in the past. If you’re using a firmware password, you may want to turn it off before sending the device for service.

Gather all the accessories

When you send your laptop for service, you should have all the accessories with you. This includes the charger cable, the adapter and any other accessories. The power cable is especially important if you have issues with your laptop battery or ability to charge. If you take your macbook to the service center, always carry these accessories with you. You could also choose to opt for mail-in service where you do not have to visit the service center at all. In this case you will need to follow the packaging and mailing instructions.

In most cases, Macbook pro repair should not take more than a few hours. Do not try and repair the macbook yourself. What looks simple from the outside is quite complex inside. Misplacing even a single tiny screw may cause more problems than your repair solves. It is also important to always ensure that your send your macbook for repairs to an authorized service center. Thankfully, there are a number of authorized Apple service centers in major cities across India. A service center will not just fix the issue your laptop has but will also offer a guarantee on the repairs.

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