Machining Castings

Machining parts for castings require certain finishing on the details. Some casting methods (such as die casting and die casting) are more accurate than other casting methods, but there are always some dimensional tolerances or geometric shapes that cannot be directly cast. It must be machined. Usually foundry (OEM) or other end users will provide castings to the cnc machining shop, which will be finished by the machining workshop before returning to the OEM.
In the field of foundry, we often hear the term foundry machining castings foundry. It is known that this is also a casting method, and others do not know it. So what exactly is the foundry casting process, and how is it different from ordinary casting?
Sand foundry machining casting is a type of casting. Because it is relatively traditional and ancient, not many people are familiar with it. Sand turning machine machining castings mainly use sand as the raw material, and casting through the mold to obtain the desired product. There are many types of sand to choose from, and many factors need to be considered.
When machining and casting, first apply a lubricating coating on the surface of the mold and fill it with sand. It must be ensured that the sand is filled firmly. Then cover the other half of the mold, and finally remove the mold to make an object. According to this principle, as long as the sand is replaced with other materials, it can be used to make products required by the industry.

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