Madden 21 The Yard: Console and Mobile will share account inventory

Not long ago, some users posted a lot of screenshots and rumors about the upcoming The Yard mode in Madden 21 in the gaming community. The only reliable guess about this mode is that players can obtain various appearances for avatars through a reward mechanism similar to the season pass. Some screenshots posted by users show that there is a special currency in this mode, and players can only get them by completing certain achievements.

And as EA officially announced all the details of The Yard model on Wednesday, all reasonable or unreasonable speculation should end. According to the information provided by EA representatives at the press conference, The Yard’s overall performance may exceed the player’s initial expectations, but it also has many areas for improvement. Continue reading this article and you will understand how The Yard works.

If you have experienced the 5V5 and 6V6 modes of the traditional Madden NFL series of games before, the newly added The Yard will definitely give you a feeling of deja vu. Because the main concept of this model is backyard-style football, it looks more like a substitute for traditional small-scale football matches. But this time players can unlock various unique rewards by upgrading in this mode, including non-sale accessories.

The first thing the player has to Buy Madden Coins do is create an avatar through the custom appearance system. During the creation process, the player has a variety of different appearances to choose from. In fact, when the player gets more unique appearances later, he can also modify the avatar at any time. After that, players need to control the avatar to challenge different enemies in The Yard. EA’s game designers and developers obviously spent a lot of energy to design and develop gameplay. From the current situation, The Yard has very high repeatability.

On the mobile platform, the game is strictly one player. However, on consoles and PC, users can play solo, online co-op vs. the CPU or online head-to-head multiplayer with one, two or three players. Sounds as if the offensive line are going to be CPU controlled.

The two versions are different but are designed to figure in tandem as your objective is to win games and earn accessories, and in-game currency that boost your Madden Rank. The shared inventory system will allow you to own access to your rewards on mobile and console.

Surpassing Expectations, But Still Leaving Room for Improvement?
At one point, there have been rumors swirling that suggested The Yard wouldn’t have online head-to-head or team competition. Thankfully, that may not be the case. Three-on-Three action should be fun with a QB and two receivers human-controlled against a linebacker and two defenders in coverage. It should create some fun online moments as long because the gameplay is fun.

But on the other hand, the model still has disadvantages and room for improvement. For example, in Neighbourhood and PARK of NBA 2K, players have many other things to do after the basketball game, such as fishing or playing cards with other people. But in Madden 21’s The Yard, it seems that players can only stay in the character customization interface. I hope that the designers of Madden 21 can draw inspiration from the NHL CHEL world and provide players with more interesting additional content.

In any case, for players, The Yard provided by EA is a satisfactory answer. This is the first time EA has provided players with features that exceed expectations and have some reasonable limitations in the game. Of course, the core content of Madden 21 is still the Madden Ultimate Team that has attracted much attention from players, which is the so-called MUT mode. In MUT, players need to consume MUT Coins to get those high-rating athletes to form an ideal offensive lineup. I would like to introduce you to the most popular third-party game service website MMOSPT, which is an experienced game currency store. It has always provided Madden NFL series players with cheap Madden Coins and enjoys a high reputation among the players. Buy Madden 21 Coins at MMOSPT, you will get the most comfortable shopping experience.

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