Madina Ziyarah

Muslims visit Makkah and Madina to visit the pilgrimage places in sheer love of Allah and the Prophet Muhammad now and then. Visiting such places invokes spirituality. Makkah and Madina both are the holiest cities that are the most visited cities as well. Millions of Muslims visit Makkah and Madina using different packages. Umrah packages 2023 are available now; those who want to perform Umrah in Ramadan in the month of Ramadan can get Ramadan Umrah packages.

Madina holds great significance the importance of Madina can be measured by its given title which is the Prophet’s city. Thought, the beloved Prophet Muhammad ﷺ lived a short period of his life in Medina, but still, the city is so important and loved by Him ﷺ. The people of Madina loved Prophet ﷺ enormously and welcomed him warmly when He ﷺ migrated from Makkah to escape persecution. The chiefs of Madina (Then Yathrib) and his few followers gathered when they heard Muhammad ﷺ is coming and they welcomed him affectionately at this time the Ansar of Madina set great examples of brotherhood and selflessness that the world have never seen anything like that. This period which Muhammad ﷺ spent in Madina is known as the Madni period! The Holy Prophet Muhammad ﷺ lived for 10 years, the city-owned Him ﷺ and became his burial place as well after he ﷺ left this world. Even though visiting Madina has nothing to do with the rituals of hajj and Umrah, Pilgrims visit Madina in sheer love for Prophet ﷺ and to pay a visit to the pilgrimage places to witness their magnificence and glory. Travellers around the world visit Makkah mostly using packages. Packages are a reliable source to visit without any stress. Usually, packages consist of Seven days. Pilgrims spent 4 days in Makkah and the rest 3 days in Madina. Umrah packages 2023 are offered by many travel agencies to facilitate their valued customers to perform Umrah, also people who want to perform Umrah in the month of Ramadan, and can avail of Ramadan Umrah packages.

Madina Ziyarah

Well, there are many pilgrimage places in Madina, which convey a noteworthy history and a story to tell. Most of them are associated with the beloved Prophet Muhammad ﷺ. Down below is a detail of Madina Ziyarah.

The Prophets’ Mosque—Masjid-E-Nabvi ﷺ

If there is anything sacred and holiest after Al-Haram that is The Prophet’s Mosque. The Mosque which was built by Prophet ﷺ himself is the place where He ﷺ is resting in peace with two of his beloved companions Abu Bakr RA and Umer RA, who were the first two Rashid-din caliphs as well. The peaceful environment of the Mosque and the Green dome (above the Prophet’s grave) cast a spell on the visitor. The tranquillity and calmness in Prophet’s Mosque are something you will never experience in any other place.


The cemetery of Jannat-ul-Baqi lies in the Hejaz region of Madina, Saudi Arabia and is located to the southeast of the Prophet’s Mosque. It is the first Islamic cemetery in Madina. After the battle of Badr, the deceased of Badr were buried here. Many companions and family members of Muhammad ﷺ are resting in peace in Jannat-ul-Baqi. The prophet’s Mosque was under construction when Muhammad’s companion. Asad Ibn Zurarah passed away. The Prophet Muhammad PBUH picked this place to be a burial ground so Asad was the first one to be buried in Jannat-ul-Baqi. The daughter of Prophet Muhammad PBUH, Ruqayyah and 10,000 companions were buried here. This place is also known as Baqi-al-Gharqad.

Masjid Ghamama

One of the oldest Mosques, the Mosque of Al-Ghamama in Madina is located in the place which is believed to be where Muhammad ﷺ offered Eid Prayer in the year 631. Once Madina faced a scarcity of rain, at this moment Muhammad ﷺ gathered his followers and offered Salah-tul-Istasaqa in Masjid Al-Ghamama. The Mosque was closed for daily prayers as it is proximate to the Prophet’s Mosque. Recently it has been reopened for the worshipers, and five times prayers are now offered in the Mosque. Masjid Al-Ghamama is one of the historical relics of Madina, which is visited by visitors as a Pilgrimage place.

Mountain Uhud

One of the Ziyarah in Madina is Mountain Uhud, located in the north of city. The Mountain was the site of second most essential Battle in early Islamic history, which is familiar as Battle of Uhud because the battle was fought in the valley of Mount Uhud, the battle was a setback for Muslims. Muhammad ﷺ and the Muslims buried the departed in the battle field of Uhud. This is a mountain from Heaven and the highest Mountain in Medina. The Holy Prophet Muhammad ﷺ said, “Uhud is the mountain that we love and it loves us”.


One of the historical and pilgrimage places in Madina is Masjid-E-Qiblatayn, the mosque of two Qibla. The Mosque had a noteworthy history and place in Islam. As the fact that Masjid-E-Aqsa was the first Qibla for Muslims, so Muslims used to offer prayer by turning their faces in the direction of Al-Aqsa. Once, The Holy Prophet Muhammad ﷺ was offering prayer in this Mosque when Gabriel AS rose and conveyed to him ﷺ the message of Allah to turn their faces to the Kaaba, to which Muhammad ﷺ changed his direction from Al-Aqsa to the Kaaba during Salah. That is why this Mosque is called Masjid-Qiblatayan, the Mosque of Two Qibla.

Ethq Well

This place has great history and importance in Islam. After Muhammad ﷺ migrated to Madina, it was at this well that all of the people of the tribes of Al-Aws and Khazraj proceeded to greet him and his companions. The chiefs of the city and the entire city greeted Prophet Muhammad ﷺ with great love and joy. They received Muhammad ﷺ with singing and celebrations.

Masjid Musabbih

The Musabbih Mosque is located in Madina, this Mosque is well known as Masjid Banu Unaif and Masjid Fajr, this is where Muhammad ﷺ offered his first Fajr prayer after he ﷺ arrived in Madina.

The Seven Mosques

Al-Masajid As-Sabah often visited Mosques in the city of Madina is a complex of six small historical Mosques. The complex mainly consists of six Mosques regardless of the name “Sabah” which means “seven”, because Masjid Qiblatayn was a part of this complex originally.

Othman Bin Affan Well

The city of Madina is well-known for housing several water wells that date backs to the Prophet’s journey. The Othman Bin Affan well is one of the wells, which is flowing with water for the past 1,400 years. Pilgrims pay visit to the well of Othman. The well is an example of his benevolence and generosity because Othman RA bought the well from a Jew and sacrificed it on the path of Allah.

The garden of Salman Al-Farsi:

The Garden of Salman Al-Farsi holds a beautiful history. This is the place where Muhammad ﷺ planted three hundred palm trees for Salman Al-Farsi to set them free by his Jews Master of the Bani Quraizah.

Fort Khyber

Well, who can forget the splendid victory of Khyber? The victory of Khyber which created history and admonition for the non-believers is still recalled by many. This was the place where a historical battle was fought between the Muslims and Jews in 629. This place glorifies Muslim’s bravery and valour. The fort of Khyber is a sanctuary situated about 153 Km north of the city of Madina. Muslims visit this place to witness the place that would remind them about their ancestors, their courage, spirit and wisdom and how they conquered such an enormous fort under the guideline of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ. The conquest of Fort is a sign of Muslim’s gallantry and fearlessness.

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