Magnet Bonding Adhesive – An Overview

Take the time and looking in the company at specifically how many everyday items require magnets to perform. You can be amazed! Microphones, loudspeakers, brush type electric motors and brush-less electric motors all require magnets. , for example, there may be a large number of electric motors as part of your automobile running anything from your mirror position to all of your windows and power steering along with your car likely has a few loudspeakers. Virtually all of these magnets are held set up by adhesives.

The proliferation of electrical motors within the last few years is mainly a consequence of adhesives (gohsenol) making electric motors more reliable. The alternative tactics for attaching the magnets is using the usage of clips. Clips build a stress point toward the magnet, and due to the brittle nature of magnets, this stress will make the magnet to fracture plus the motor to fail.

Although there are a great diversity of magnets and motors, there are numerous adhesive choices. So that you select the best product for magnet bonding application have a few minutes to view the appliance requirements of your particular project. There exists a great deal of information available on this subject but don’t hesitate to get hold of the adhesive manufacturer to review your specific requirements.

Strength and temperature resistance

The operating temperature, along with the kinds of stress – (sheer, torque, or repetitive impact in speakers, for instance)- needs to be identified as a way to choose a brilliant adhesive.

Chemical compatibility

The copper obtainable from the motor assembly is certainly not compatible with certain chemicals found in some adhesives (Polyvinyl alcohol). For example, – Methacrylic acid can result in corrosion to copper after some time, considering the danger of product failure. Look into the Technical data sheet when it comes to the details or contact technical support to make sure.


In addition to bonding the magnet to the can, rotor, or speaker, there is a selection of other adhesive applications in motors, speakers and microphones. Selecting a product for more than one user can increase your efficiency.

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