Magnificent nature paint by Impressionist painter

Magnificent landscapes of summer are successive pictures of nature, which the hand of the master managed to catch. The enchanting beauty of flowers, from luxurious roses to modest bells, the silver brilliance of the morning dew, the majestic water surface, the bright green of the foliage, the golden radiant rays of the sun, the happy faces of people – every moment captured by the artist is truly priceless. Most environmental art of summer is painted in oil. So the canvases look alive and voluminous. This genre of painting allows you to accurately convey the state of nature. The vision of it the artist also allows the viewer to feel and appreciate the beauty of each natural phenomenon.

Landscapes of summer

The nature paint of summer represents by brilliant realistic painting. The beauty of native nature has become the locomotive of the artist’s work. Each picture, for all its scale, creates a sense of intimacy. Yes, the forest is majestic, but the viewer feels the unity with nature. You need to feel the message of the author. A classic of the genre from the master is the painting “Landscape with a Lake”.

This depicts a lake with a small island in the middle in the background you can see a forest, a village, and also figures of walking people. Warm shades and light colors allowed to creation of a more than realistic landscape – the summer here is lively, warm filled with colors and sounds.

Summer colours of the city and village

Landscape painting by Impressionist painter represents the rich nature of summer in different guises:

1. The summer nature art of the village describes the way of rural life. It reveals the beauty of small streams, the magnificent power of dense forests, and the quiet charm of flowering fields. Also, represent the charm of sleepy clouds and the piercing blue of the clear summer sky.

2. The landscapes of the urban summer demonstrate the symbiosis of nature and civilization. Industrial areas coexist with small streets, on which, as it seems, the time has stopped, the quiet alleys of the park suddenly light up with the flash of fireworks, the fragility of ancient buildings emphasizes the power of giant trees growing nearby since time immemorial.

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