Mahomes wasn’t alone in dropping in ratings

Mahomes who is his Madden cover together with Tom Brady for Madden 22 coins this year’s game, might be suffering with the dreadful “Madden curse” as he has not been able to perform at the level that we’ve come to expect from Mahomes.

The 2018 NFL MVP has thrown 10 interceptions across nine games this season. That’s second among the players. He threw 11 picks in the previous two seasons.Mahomes did not have a stellar performance in the 13-7 loss on Sunday to his fellow Green Bay Packers, throwing for the lowest total of 166 yards with an 54.1 percent completion rate, and scored the score of a touchdown. He was playing his third straight game in which he had less than 300 passing yards. He’s not had multiple touchdowns in a single game since Week 6.

Mahomes wasn’t alone in dropping in ratings. Los Angeles Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford dropped from 85 to 84 after throwing two interceptions for the first time in the season in Sunday’s loss against the Tennessee Titans.

EA made a commitment to improve its franchise mode soon after the launch of Madden 21. The #FixMaddenFranchise hashtag , which I began in 2020 and spread to various influencers in the game’s community appeared to be an important factor in shifting the direction of EA’s attention. The hashtag became trending to No. 1 on Twitter . This prompted an response from Madden franchise’s head of staff Sean Graddy.

EA has been consistently providing upgrades to buy mut coins the mode ever since 2020, though it still does not have the depth and immersion that other versions of the concept in other sports titles. While its current version of franchise not as enjoyable as one gamers would like however, it has been improved.

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