Maids probably are one of the oldest informal employees around the world over. Several uneducated or less educated women around the world, owing to the lack of academic limitations, and financial resources, women who belong to certain weaker sections of society and have limited scope for other jobs, take up domestic work as a last option. Since there are no specific duties for maids or domestic workers, which are not well defined, the term maid is rather difficult to express, however, in a general sense a maid is someone who takes care of your household

maid agency

maid agency

in your absence, cooks food and do daily chores for you for a pre-agreed specific amount or remuneration.

Maids may be part-time or full-time or living in. In today’s fast and busy world, a maid’s job is acknowledged as a separate category of livelihood and has remained as an informal sector private job that is carried out in the homes of employers. In this sector since the maid’s service is carried out or mutual benefits of the employee and the employer, the wages are considered as an individual understanding and negotiations between employer and employee and hence there is no fixed salary which happens to be a typical drawback. However, this aspect depends on what tasks and duties entail the job and whether a reasonable amount is agreed upon. All said and done, hiring a maid is no easy task as one might see it from one side.

The flip side is that while you are looking for a domestic helper or a maid for your household, a number of aspects must be considered. While your nationality is important, it is also important to consider the maid’s nationality and the region she belongs to as well. For instance, if you are an Indian national then it would be wise to hire an Indian maid, rather than hiring a Bangladeshi, or a Myanmar maid because, an Indian maid would be more familiar with the lifestyle, habits, and food. Nevertheless, as mentioned in the above paragraph, hiring a maid or a domestic helper, is best done by entrusting the job it a maid agency of good repute, with a clean and clear hiring record. Aspects like, whether the maid agency is registered, MOM authenticated and approved, holds a good rapport with the previous clients, and so on could be taken into account and proceeded. A maid agency will usually have a considerably huge database of various maids, who are registered with them. Their details are sufficiently verified and crosschecked to ensure that they are not from any sort of unscrupulous background and that they do not possess any antecedents that may render them unfit for a maid job.


A Maid Agency Portal like eazymaid, which has been a one-stop solution for maid hiring, is a collection of various maid agencies in Singapore, registered and approved by the MOM. In addition, another plus point about the portal is that it is a highly advanced application that assists the employer to search for a suitable match. Maid hiring which is thought to be quite tricky, has been made in a simpler way in the eazymaid portal, that is search – select – chat – hire …! Which can be explained as searching for a suitable maid, selecting the maid of choice and once when all the requirements are met, and then the process of hiring can be completed with the remaining documentation and digital filing of records. So in a nutshell maid hiring is altogether made into a process in which the cumbersome, process of documents, generation of login credentials, and similar can be eliminated, while your maid hiring process will surely become pleasant.

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