Main Reason To Install A New Garage Door Opener

Is it due for a garage door opener revamp? Many homeowners continue to use the same Garage Door Opener Lexington Ky that was placed when their home was constructed.  If this describes you, your local garage door company Www.Odclex.Com, wants you to learn more about the advantages of modernizing.

Worries About Safety

Even an ancient garage door system can be hijacked by tech-savvy criminals. This is because older doors lack the most up-to-date safety equipment. Newer doors contain rolling codes, making it more difficult for burglars to break in. The codes in modern openers like the Chamberlain Garage Door Opener Lexington Ky change every time the door is unlocked. Don’t wait on calling a garage door provider if you’re concerned about your security and don’t want your stuff stolen or your household put in danger. To learn more about the recent official safety mechanisms, contact them right now.

An Extremely Loud Operation

The more noise the garage door opener makes, the older it is. The Genie Garage Door Opener Lexington Ky is quieter and don’t rattle your doors. All that rattling becomes more than an annoyance after a little while. It’s probably one of the most common causes of garage door troubles. Upgrading to a new opener is frequently a win-win situation because it provides quiet operation while also protecting your garage doors from severe damage.


Several fascinating smart technology features are available on newer garage door openers. The live video stream is a popular feature among homeowners. When criminals want to get into a house, they normally don’t shatter the window first. They’ll look for entry points that aren’t locked. This implies they’ll take a walk around the home, opening and closing doors, such as the garage door. Smart garage door openers like the Genie Garage Door Opener Lexington Ky come with a built-in camera surveillance function that allows you to view what’s going on. Even if the thief enters your home, the video stream footage is a valuable aid for the authorities in locating the offenders.

The locking feature is another security element. How often have you walked out of the house and forgotten to close the garage door? It happens to everyone every once and then. You can check if your garage doors are closed from your mobile device. Another function allows you to close the door if it is open. This provides you with piece of mind and ensures that your home is safe while you are away.

Before You Put In A New Garage Door Opener, Consider The Following:

Once you’ve made the decision to upgrade, ensure sure your garage doors are in good working order. You don’t want to put a new Chamberlain Garage Door Opener Lexington Ky on a door that isn’t functioning properly. For instance, if you need to replace a garage door spring, start here. When springs break or tracks get broken, any garage door opener becomes difficult to use. These issues may also result in damage to your current opener, which is of no use to you.

When you’re eager to install a garage door opener, consult with your garage door provider to determine which opener is appropriate for your garage door’s brand and type. To book an interview with a professional garage door installation for opener solutions, garage door spring repair in Lexington Ky, and other garage door assistance, call us today.

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