Maintain Your CCTV Cameras Following This Checklist

This post educates you about the need of maintaining your CCTV cameras to ensure your home or commercial set-up is properly protected at all times. The post shares a maintenance checklist for you to follow if you intend to do the wiping and maintaining on your own. Read the post and learn all about it!

A CCTV camera is a crucial aspect of your property’s security. It is considered to be the most effective deterrent against potential break-ins and keeping your property and precious belongings safe.

However, just like any modern-day contraption; you need to look after your CCTV camera from time to time to ensure it keeps running as well as expected.

 If you don’t quite know what to do or where to start, you can always take the easier way by calling in notable CCTV installers serving in and across Picton to do it for you. In fact, they will happily offer you their annual and reasonably priced CCTV maintenance and upgrade package to keep your security unit running in tip-top condition.

However if you wish to look after your CCTV set-up on your own, then this post will share a maintenance checklist which should follow when you actually get down to it.

Let’s begin!

Starting With The Camera & Lens

  • Properly wipe and clean both the outside and inside of your CCTV camera along with its housing
  • Remove all dust and accumulated dirt off your CCTV lens
  • Check and see if your CCTV lens is correctly focused and rightly adjusted
  • If needed, adjust the CCTV camera to the direction intended to be covered
  • Ensure the CCTV camera is appropriately attached to the wall or ceiling
  • Be sure to check the zoom, tilt and pan feature of your CCTV camera to see if they work fine or not

Next Move Over To The Equipment & Monitor Control

  • Remove all loose dirt, dust and debris off your CCTV monitor and its other complementary equipment
  • Ensure the CCTV monitors show clear recording footage
  • See if all cables and external connectors aren’t loose but aptly secured
  • Checking if the displayed surveillance recording is displaying the right date and time

And For Its Wiring & Cables

  • Be sure to check all CCTV cables and wires aren’t showing any visible signs of wear and tear
  • Ensure all exiting cables are properly connected to the ports securely
  • Also be sure to check if your CCTV camera wires are transmitting footage images and sounds without any kind of distortion

Final Lines

 Be sure to conduct each of these CCTV camera maintenances on a consistent basis to ensure your security system is always up and running and as a result keeping your property protected 24x7x365.

Of course, it would not be such a bad idea to have your entire home security system checked out (and even upgraded) by professionals in CCTV and  burglar alarms operating in and across Lidcombe.

They will be happy to come over to your place at your chosen time to perform the maintenances and upgrades.

Want To Speak To Your Neighborhood Security Team  And Possible Schedule A Visit At Your Suitable Time?

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The author runs a security company in Lidcombe and caters to wide ranging security needs of so many property owners in and across the region and even extending out to Picton. Besides this, the author is a rugby fan and travelling enthusiast.

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