Maintain your iPhone regularly to save a trip to an Apple service centre in Delhi

Your iPhone is unlike any other smartphone and deserves special treatment. It comes with a price premium over its competitors and that isn’t without reason. It is among the most well put together of all smartphones out there and that shows in its build quality. It has this air of invincibility that all Apple devices have around them.

But then, there are times when the iPhone too can malfunction. Sometimes, that can be due to a manufacturing defect, which though is few and far between. While there are quite a few reliable Apple service centres in Delhi that can take care of such issues, here are a few maintenance tips that can help keep your iPhone in good shape for years to come.

Use a good protective cover

Your iPhone is precious, but a good protective cover will cost just a fraction of it. Invest in a good case that can provide all-round protection to your iPhone. However, make sure the cover does not hinder the dissipation of heat, or else, it can be counterproductive and end up damaging the iPhone more than protecting it. The same goes for the screen cover as well as a good quality cover that can help prevent any damage to the iPhone’s display.

Recharge regularly

This goes without saying as without charging the phone it won’t be of any use to you. However, the point to emphasize here is to prevent the iPhone from discharging completely. This damages the battery cells, and some might become defunct permanently over time. Rather, the best thing to do is to put it on charge once it hits the battery saving mode and to charge it at least up to 80 percent. Ideally, keep your iPhone charged between 40 to 80 percent at any given time.

Keep your iPhone updated

Apple releases bug fixes and security patches regularly to ensure that the iPhone is performing to the optimum most of the time. So, always update to the latest version whenever those are made available. Also, such updates include new features as well and help improve stability while also enhancing battery life as well at times.

Keep your iPhone clean

This is among the most basic maintenance tips for your iPhone but one that can be the most effective in ensuring the good health of the device. Don’t let dust or grime accumulate on the device, particularly around the ports. This can seriously degrade the phone’s performance over time and might even require a visit to an Apple service centre in Delhi. For instance, the charging efficiency can drop significantly, or the sound output too can get hampered.

Use company provided accessories

Always stick to the accessories provided by the company, or source them from those approved by Apple. From charging brick to cables, wireless chargers, earplugs to everything in between, sticking to an approved set of hardware will ensure almost zero chances of a conflict. This in turn will help improve the life span of your iPhone.

Of course, this is never an exhaustive list of things to do to keep your iPhone in perfect shape for years to come. But following these will definitely help, and your iPhone will love it too.

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