Major Microsoft Office Applications and Their Uses

Microsoft Office is an assortment of essential apps, and these apps are collectively called Office Suite. Created by Microsoft for carrying out various office assignments easily and effortlessly, the first version of Office was composed of three apps. These three apps were Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. But as time passed, other new apps and services were added to the Office suite.

Major Microsoft Office Applications and Their Uses

In most computers, especially the ones running Windows, Microsoft Office comes pre-loaded. Moreover, Office Online refers to web-based applications. In recent times, Microsoft released the latest desktop version Office 2019.

Best Microsoft Office Applications


Amongst the various apps, Microsoft Word, a word processing app, is the most popular and extensively used apps across the world. Users can easily launch this app on their Windows and Mac computers. Word was first released in the year 1983 for the MS-DOS operating system. With Microsoft Word, typing content has become easy. This content can be shared with others and edited in real-time.


When MS Excel was first rolled out by Microsoft, it had to compete with an already established Lotus 1-2-3-, but it surpassed Lotus 1-2-3 ultimately. Excel is an app which is mainly based on spreadsheets and is available on Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows. Excel is used for storing information such as numbers and related data and usually is helpful in making ledger balance and for accounts maintenance.


Microsoft PowerPoint has definitely made creating and showing presentation very easy.  With the help of Office’s iconic PowerPoint program, users can easily make creative and engaging slideshows and insert not only text but also animations, pictures, videos, and other graphics. They can even convert these presentations into videos.


Microsoft Outlook is also another essential and valuable Office program which comes with an array of handy features and functionalities like client calendar, contacts list, email, and task manager. But, one should not confuse it with Outlook Express as they both are different programs. Outlook serves as a task manager and is primarily used for emailing purposes.


Microsoft OneNote is a novel application, available for free, where one can quickly collect all private data such as bank records, business transactions, and medical records and so on and save it securely. Also, one can write down minute particulars and other stuff concerning functions and conferences. These notes can either be typed or written by hand. One can also take voice notes. If you are a student, then make OneNote your classroom buddy.


Publisher is an Office app for desktop publishing. It is loaded with a large array of features to produce layouts and create high-grade text and pictures. This Microsoft app is available in the latest Office versions and their respective editions. It is a basic and easy to use program. Even if you are not an expert at designing, you can easily generate professional-grade graphics and other publications using this app.


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