Major Trends Emerging in Food Distribution Courtesy of GulfFood 2021

Leading food distributors in GulfFood converged at this one of a kind event tailored towards enabling greater discussions around the future trends in the industry and consumer preferences alike. GulfFood 2021 was a mega event that drew the titans of the food distribution and mainstream food and beverages industry including names like Al Maya Distribution. Several experts stated that behavior and sentiments of consumers have undergone rapid evolution in recent times while there has been a key transition in consumer shopping and overall approaches. Consumption patterns have also changed greatly with people paying more attention towards items which help in enhancing overall immunity. They are concerned more about health nowadays while getting used to digital transactions and online shopping alike. Retailers that are adapting swiftly to these transitions are also expected to do better in the near future.

The Group Director at the Al Maya Group, Kamal Vachani (parent entity of Al Maya Distribution), has also shared several insightful opinions on the industry at this important event. He helms one of the foremost food distributors in GulfFood and the UAE and has opined that the coronavirus pandemic has transformed the way that entities are doing business and grocery retail businesses are no exceptions in this regard. The company is focusing more on ensuring hygienic environments since customers expect items to be stored and prepared in a safe and secure manner. Consumers also appreciate home delivery and online shopping along with those brands that are implementing stringent safety guidelines. The company also has a resolute network of various supermarkets throughout the UAE which offer 24-7 free home delivery too.

Vachani also added that consumers now prefer organic, light and gluten free items. Healthier food items from leading brands are finding more traction, particularly those with lower sodium salt and sugar while fruits and vegetables are also witnessing increased demand likewise. The store formats are also being revamped regularly by Al Maya Group for engaging customers better. The Group has introduced more than 50 of the finest food brands to the UAE over the last few years.

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