Make A High-Resolution Dye-Sublimation Image SEG Fabric Displays Appearance

Silicone edge graphics (SEG) is an abbreviation for silicone edge graphics. You may have seen this previously when browsing at items such as fabric banners and fabric pop-up stands for events and exhibits. If so, you are not alone. Who are they, and what do they do?

Silicone edge graphics are created by printing a high-resolution dye-sublimation image on fabric and finishing the edges with a silicone strip edge or gasket sewed around the perimeter. After that, the silicone strip edge is placed into the framework of the pop-up stand to complete the assembly. This leads to a frameless look, with a taunting image shown from edge to edge of the frame as a consequence.

What Is the Process of SEG?

SEG fabric displays are distinct in that the silicone edge is stitched directly into the edges of the fabric used to create the graphics. Fabric display stands from SEG feature grooves specifically designed to function as a route for the silicone used in their construction.

When you connect the graphic to the frame, the silicone is pressed into the groove, resulting in a tight, clean, and seamless image that extends the whole length of the frame.

Absolute Proof SEG Fabric

Graphics that are interchangeable — Once the hardware has been installed, the textile pictures are relatively simple to switch out and can be done in minutes by someone with no prior computer training.

Modern Appearance – The eye-catching quality fabric makes a statement and draws consumers in with its frameless appearance.

High-Definition Printing — The textiles are printed using the most up-to-date UV and dye-sublimation technology, resulting in vibrant colors that are true to life.

Easy to ship and store – The lightweight fabric can be folded or rolled, and the frames may be disassembled for transport and storage convenience. Costs of shipping are less expensive than those of shipping a rigid sign of the same size.

Robust – The fabric is incredibly durable and has a brilliant color that lasts long. In the case of a spill, the textiles can be quickly and simply cleaned.

Individually customized – The frames and light boxes may be made to order in various sizes and forms that are unique to the customer. Fabric displays from SEG may be wall-mounted, double-sided, freestanding, or hung from the ceiling.

How to assemble an SEG fabric pop-up display stand

It takes just a few minutes to put up an SEG Tension Fabric Frame, which is why they are such a popular option for firms. After there, it’s only a matter of following these simple instructions.

● Remove the lattice frame from your carry bag, as well as any other leftover items.
● Hold the lattice frame upright, allowing it to begin to grow until it reaches its maximum height, then release it.
● Each set of arms should be locked in place by clicking the frame tubes into position.
● Select the channel bars and join them together with a single click, then attach them to the edges of the lattice frame by clicking them into place.
● Placing the graphic on top of the framework and fitting the silicone edges into the grooves that run along the corners of the frame will ensure a secure fit.
● Adjust the feet to ensure that the construction is stable.

The Final Say!

It’s simple to utilize displays with Silicone Edge Graphics (SEG). In addition to being machine washable, EZ Tube Displays are straightforward to install and replace. Setup and dismantling are a breeze with the lightweight aluminium frame, which requires no special equipment.

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