Make an Impactful Corporate Video with the Right Voice Over Artist

Businesses these days are evolving the ways in which they promote their products and services. Most of them are switching to digital marketing, most importantly to one important element of digital marketing, namely corporate video marketing. Now, a corporate video can create a long-lasting impact on the mind of the customers, therefore, every element of the video must be perfect. Apart from the video quality, the props, the actors, there is one more thing which is crucial to make an excellent corporate video. It is a great and impactful voice and you will find that only when you audition several independent voice over artists. Trust us when we say that you need a strong and effective voice because eventually, it will become the voice of your brand.

The correct voice will help your brand create a relationship and trust with your customers. Therefore, make sure you choose the right voice over artist for your corporate video. To help you with the search, we are going to list a few pointers you should consider while making the selection for a successful corporate video.

Hold an Audition: As mentioned above, always plan on holding an audition and call in some of the best voice-over artists in the studio.

Write Down the Emotions of Your Brand: Each brand conveys different emotions and you need to list those emotions so that you can identify the right voice conveying them during the audition.

Check out their Experience: An excellent voice-over artist will be able to give you samples of their previous work. Try to notice whether it matches your requirement.

Since the process of finding the right voice is tedious, you might want to check out Sheena Marie Jones, a leading voice over artist who has an engaging yet friendly voice. With her by your brand’s side, be assured that you will be able to convey the right emotions of your brand to your target demographic. She has given her voice for video games, commercials, radio, and animation videos. Her English and the accent can be understood globally by the people. Sheena Marie Jones knows the importance of the impact words can have, and hence, she is an expert to bring them to life. Check out her voice-over work on her website.

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Sheena Marie Jones is a leading voice over artist and an excellent choice for your corporate video.

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