Make Best Use of Affordable Chimney Inspection to Keep Your Chimney in Working Order

One of the most enjoyable aspects of having a fireplace in your house is being able to curl up next to a raging fire. On the other hand, regular and Chimney Inspection is an essential requirement if you want to guarantee that everything functions as it should. Take advantage of the opportunity to warm up anytime you want with a bit of know-how; a frequent peek into the flu and an occasional chimney check.

Clean the inside of your fireplace regularly

The more often you clean the inside of your fireplace, the less often you’ll need to call in a professional. Soot and ash build up in the chimney is the primary source of most chimney problems, but frequent cleaning may prevent this build up from ever developing. The amount of time you spend cleaning your fireplace will affect how frequently you need to dust.

You should try to clean up once a week if you’re doing it daily. Place a tarp to catch any flying embers, put on a pair of heavy-duty gloves, and use a metal bucket to collect them. If nothing is still on fire, you are free to empty the bucket and dispose of the contents in a trash can or recycling bin.

Keep an eye on the brickwork for signs of damage

Because cracked brick mortar may lead to leaks and water damage, the longer you wait to fix it, the more costly and time-consuming it will be. In general, it’s a good idea to enlist the assistance of a Best Chimney Repair in PA when dealing with an issue like this since it necessitates the use of specialized gear and equipment that you may not have on hand or be familiar with.

Using a few everyday household items, you can clean a rotting chimney

Typically, creosote deposits are to blame for a terrible stench originating from a fireplace or fireplace insert. While a thorough chimney cleaning will typically enough to erase the smell, you may also use professional chimney deodorants or baking soda to get rid of any lingering odors that may have accumulated.

Keep moisture away from your fireplace by using a fireplace damper

A fireplace damper is a device that is placed into the flue, and that may be closed when the chimney is not in use to keep out water and moisture from the house or building. Because it is manually controlled, you will be individually responsible for opening it before lighting a fire and shutting it after the fire has been allowed to cool down enough to your satisfaction. A fire is dangerous, and closing the damper while it is still blazing or burning ashes is dangerous and should be avoided at all costs.

Ensure that you use the proper kind of wood and that it is stored properly

If you’re looking for firewood, not all wood is the same. Some products may leave you with more creosote residue and foul smells than others, it all depends on the product you choose. You should always choose hardwoods over softwood, like pine and spruce, when in doubt since they burn more slowly and create less amount of ash.

Replace any damaged fireplace screens as soon as possible

Maintaining the cleanliness of your mantle and preventing the entry of ashes into your house is made possible by a properly working fireplace screen with Affordable Chimney Inspection. Replace your screen as soon as you spot any damage to avoid any more severe issues in the future.

The Bottom Line!

Annual Chimney Inspections in Ambler, PA are required regardless of whether or not you routinely dust your chimney since several concerns may be challenging to detect by the ordinary homeowner.

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