Make Oscar-Nominated Films Sound Their Best with a Sound Booster App

With the Academy Awards recently held, movies will be on the minds of many people across the globe. Cineastes will be awaiting the release of Oscar-winning and Oscar-nominated films on DVD and digital media. With a Mac equalizer or sound booster app, people can hear these movies as they were meant to be heard. The most advanced sound booster apps can give great films the clear, vivid sound they deserve on desktops, laptops, and mobile devices.

Sound is a critical part of any movie-watching experience. However, it can often be taken for granted. In a way, that is precisely the idea—many times, the people who handle sound editing and sound mixing for a film work hard so as not to be noticed. Ideally, a movie’s sounds and music should integrate with its image to create a seamless whole. People may not stop to think about the nuances that go into the sound of a film until they see it at home.

The best sound booster apps do more than increase volume on Mac or another device. They also allow users to bring out the various sonic details of a movie or a piece of music. In a sense, these apps allow people to become their own sound mixers, bringing up certain elements and reducing others.

Here are the five movies that were nominated for Best Sound Editing and Best Sound Mixing this year. All of these films will make wonderful subjects on which to try out a sound booster or Mac equalizer app.


This epic film on the famous WWII battle took home the Oscars this year for Best Sound Editing and Best Sound Mixing. It is not too hard to understand why—the guns firing, bombs exploding, planes flying and other sounds helped make the film an overpoweringly visceral experience.

Baby Driver

Baby Driver tells the story of a young getaway driver (Ansel Elgort) who never stops listening to music on his iPods as he clashes with gangsters and roars down city streets and freeways. critic Brian Tallerico noted the importance of sound and music in this film: “The sound of someone typing a text message on a phone or placing stacks of money on a table will work with the beat of a song, creating a film… that works in conjunction with its soundtrack.” In short, this is an ideal movie for a sound booster app.

The Shape of Water

This year’s Best Picture winner depicts the surprising and enchanting love story between a mute janitor