Make Way for Turok: Dinosaur Hunter!

The ultra-popular Nintendo first-person shooter game is making its way to Sony’s PlayStation 4.

Turok: Dinosaur Hunter is a shooting game, developed by Iguana Entertainment, and published by Acclaim Entertainment, which first came out in 1997. The company, Acclaim Entertainment acquired the rights to the franchise, which was a comic book by the same name at the time. Acclaim Entertainment was going through a financial crisis at that time, and their hopes and dreams depended upon the success of Turok.

It was initially launched on N64 and Windows

The console N64, released by Nintendo only the previous year, was not as big yet as it turned out. These were still early days, and it was Acclaim’s first title for the relatively new console. Thus, they wanted to make an impact, which they were eventually successful at. The game broke all expectations and sold over 1.5 million copies and directly affected the increase in sales of Nintendo. And since then, there’s been no looking back. The makers developed storylines, and a whole series was in front of us. A sequel came the next year, in ’98 followed by a prequel to the series, called Turok: Evolution came out in 2002.

Then followed the remasters

Remastered for Xbox One in 2018 and for Nintendo’s online platform Switch, the game received a warm welcome from newer audiences. Yet a commonality existed between all players as they all had an infatuation for retro-styled shooting games. Even so, a new player would enjoy the game just as well. And now, Sony plans to doll out a remastered version for its console PlayStation 4.

The news comes out in the form of a trophy list

There has been no official announcement by Nightdive for the game’s PS version. But the internet community doesn’t rely on such things, instead it relies on making things happen. So as a trophy list comes out for a PS version, it all but confirms the news for one. And although, the list proves to be good news, only partially. Since the readings on the file won’t make us as happy as the existence of the list did. It does not carry a platinum trophy and includes ten trophies, topped by a singular golden trophy.

Thus, the news is a bag of mixed emotions for fans of the game. But the fact remains that any new development with the series or franchise as a whole still creates quite a buzz. Turok is still on people’s minds 23 years after the first edition came out. Kudos, Turok!

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