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Falcon Hope Hario-Jones complete more red zone to catch up
Atlanta Falcon’s External Hand Hario Jones JENO Jones only completed 6 batches last season, now this has become a place where the team wants to change.

Bryant will be 44 years old in May this year. Last year, he tried to be 20 times in his life, the longest shoot 57 yard, 35 additional points attempted 33 times. His ability is unquestionable, the only thing I need to worry is health.

Lynes tried to attack when the passenger of the people who copied the people. This old will turn off the Pazhou people’s four-point guards in the Red District, but when he followed the next attack, the Texas people took over Dandrew Hap DEANDRE HOPKINS retained the right. It seems to be hurt after his right ankle.

Pony four-point guardian Andrew Luck is still restoring the calf injury and will absence the training of the next three days. The team has signed the close-end sharp-zach, giving up the near-end SF BROWN. Spencer Ware has accepted an ankle surgery and it is expected to be 5-6 weeks to recover.
Eagle first hair line Wei Kamu Grugier-Hill knees injured, leaving Saturday training in advance. May be absent. Georgier Hill started 10 games last season, complete 45 cuddles.
Saint-Run, Latvius Murray (unknown), absent four days, regression training.
Cowboy struck is slightly injured in the back of the zack martin. The team signed the Jacquiz Rodgers, giving up Rob Kelley.
Jet offensive Diagonal Kelvin Beachum (ankle) did not participate in training.
Dolphin Safety 卫 卫 雷 r (right foot) Wear protection boots, did not participate in training.
The bear wavy gave up the defender Josh Simmons, and signed Joe Walker.
49 people signed an external hand Kris Thompson.
Hongki has been activated cheap jerseys from china the injury unable training list activation line Wei Qiandan Brailford.
The raid man signed the Mac Mac-Brown.
Brown signed the defensive cut Sprinkle, giving up the angular Wijier’s Jermaine Ponder.
The wild horses will join the footsteps of the injury reserves in the wild horses to make a big list space to sign the So Reddick.
Falcon signed four points to Matt Simms to make up for Kurt Benkert injured.

Texas invites the elderly San San Shush-McCan interview coach position
Houston Texas invited the elderly San Swan McCown, Josh McCown, and Jim Caldwell, who had served as a Detroit Lion and Indiana Polis, Jim Caldwell. Position.

According to NFL official website, Albert Breer reported that the Baltimo Crow announced that they have traded against Haloti NGATA to the lions. The crow will get a four-wheel signed and five-wheel signs of the lions.

Old Hawk Internal Your Ankle Injury Restaurant Terrorism
Philadelphia Eagle Inner Wide Market Ryans) In Sunday, the ankle was injured in the fourth quarter of the Houston Texas Trilist, and the team then announced the right foot of the ankle in the official twice. The game is no longer available.

At present, Texas is dissatisfied with DESHAUN WATSON, is dissatisfied with yourself who failed to participate in the team’s general manager. Although the team boss Carl McNair (CAL McNAir) said that it has been in contact with Watson and invited him to participate in coach picking processes, the latter’s anger seems to have not yet eliminated. New General Manager Nick Caserio now leads handsome work.

At present, the player in the Huge team is Georgio TaVecchio, and his contract is relatively Cheap Jerseys. Tavich European season replaces Brian’s 3 games, and all 5 anygs of shooting shots and 8 additional shots.

Falcon Board Arthur Blank said: “Matt Bryant is one of the greatest falcat players in history. He will be remembered in his heart. He has won 1122 points, is a team history The number one scored, but also made countless times for the team. His reliable no one can enemies. The calm that is demonstrated during pressure is also admired. Matt also contributed hundreds of hours of community service, very It is good to represent the spirit of Falcon and Atlanta. Therefore, he is the Water Penon winners in 2013. In the 2014 Falcon. We deeply appreciate his contribution to the Falcon, hoping that he and his wife and children will be smooth in the future. ”

CSN Philadelphia reporter Jiiof-Mozuo After the injury discussed with the eagle, the injury discussed with the eagle, CHIP Kelly, provided further report: “Qilu commented that there is still no injury to Lenes Disease report, but & lsquo; looks not very good. & Rsquo; Lynes is our defensive leader, is our leader, when a warrior falls, you will pick up the shield will continue to fight for honor. ”

Falcon cuts the old man playing the hand Matt – Bryant
Beijing February 7th, US Tuesday, playing the ball Matt Bryant, said it will continue to play in NFL. But this veteran is going to spend elsewhere elsewhere.

US Time Monday, Falcon official website reported that the team’s head coach Dan Quinn said that Jones was the cornerstone of the real team during the training camp, and hoped that he can harvest more ball reachable in the Red Area.

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