Make Your Diet Healthier Using These Methods

Keeping a few tricks and tips up your sleeve during your journey to achieve a healthier you can have tremendous benefits for your overall health. It would be prudent to say that food can essentially act as medicine when given the chance. Such foods can include foods and ingredients like a cholesterol free cooking oil can be the best thing. So why not make the best of the ingredients that we are offered and utilize them to their fullest potential to reap health benefits from them?

We understand that making drastic changes to your diet could overwhelm you, so here we have a few tips and tricks that will help you ease into the process gradually and steadily without even making you feel like you are doing anything different.

Olive Oil

  • Eat Fruits, Don’t Drink Them

No matter how many times you might have been told that fruit juices are good for you, the processed tetra pack of juice that you get at the local markets, are anything but that. Those packs can literally cause more harm than good.

As whole fruits contain fiber, the sugar present in them gets digested slowly and without causing spikes in the blood sugar levels. This is not the same in case of fruit juices.

Most of the time than not, the fruit juices you find in the market are made up of fruit concentrates and sugar and water. There is literally no fruits present in them.

We understand that now you will try to defend the real fruit juices that you can find in almost every corner of a market. Despite the fact that these might be real fruit juices, they still are devoid of the right amount of fiber that is needed to make it a healthy option.

  • Method of Cooking: Change It Up!

How you cook your food tremendously affects the nutritional value of the food that you are cooking. However tempted we might be to indulge in those French fries, always remember they have been deep fried, definitely not a great method of cooking. What also matters is the kind of oil that you are using in your cooking methods. Olive oil health benefits are not news, so including an oil like refined pomace olive oil will be truly helpful.

Now let us come to the cooking method! Instead of frying why not opt for a healthier method of cooking, like baking or even roasting? The main reason as to why cooking methods like frying, broiling and even shallow frying are considered unhealthy is because during these cooking methods, many potentially toxic compounds are formed. These are the sort of compounds that have been linked with several diseases like heart diseases and even cancer.

Cooking methods like baking, slow-cooking, poaching and stewing do not leave space for such components to form and are thus healthier than any other cooking methods. To top it off, if you use a cholesterol free cooking oil for such methods, the health quotient of the cooked product immediately increases!

  • Water:

It does not matter how many times we say this, but let us just say it again; water is your best friend! From promoting weight loss, maintaining weight and even increasing the number of calories you usually tend to burn in one day, water can prove to be a miracle worker when you think about it!

The next time you feel like reaching for that can of pepsi or mountain dew, think again and instead divert your hand to go grab a bottle of water instead! So try to indulge in fruits the next time you decide to have a dose of healthy and nutritious food.

The Bottom Line:

These are fairly simple tips, that when followed can truly lead you to follow a healthier and fitter lifestyle and routine. We truly hope that you feel the difference post the adoption of these tips and tricks in your daily life.

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