Make your job easier with Zogo electric screw driver

An electric screwdriver is quite different from a manual screwdriver. Both the tools have a single purpose- to tighten and loosen the screw. But the main difference is the power source. The electric one is widely popular due to its better accuracy, productivity, and tractability.


An electric screwdriver eases the work that requires lots of movement. They are known for convenience, compactness, portability, and high power. Having this by your side, you can manage tasks effortlessly with precision. You can manage to fix plasterboard, assemble auto body parts, screwing/unscrew nut bolts, and do other tasks with ease.


Whenever you buy an electric screwdriver, choose the one that best suits your task. If you are in a construction task, working on a new building, or in a renovation project, shop it accordingly. At Perfect Engineers, you can shop for the best electric tools. We are specialized in providing hi-tech enterprise and procuring of welding & cutting equipment, welding automation builders, customized welding tools, and powerful machines with excellent functionality to the end-user.


The electric screwdriver is used easily in all kinds of environments. We have a powerful ZOGO electric screwdriver at our web store. ZOGO is one of the most renowned names in the market of power tools. You can choose an electric screwdriver design in a straight, pistol, or right-angle shape. It comes with replaceable bits that you can alter as per the variety of screw sizes and styles.


You can check the power in volt-ampere (VA). Powered with a lightweight lithium-ion battery, you can hold the charger for a long time and manage the task precisely and accurately. It is a perfect versatile tool for multiple applications.


When you buy the tool, keep in mind how long you can use the device for your project. It is necessary to focus on efficiency if it is used intensively. The second element is torque. It functions to drive the screw clockwise or anti-clockwise. The rotation speed matters a lot if you use an electric screwdriver very often. For an impact electric screwdriver, the speed is indicated in counts per minute between 3000 and 50000 cps/min. Our models come up with accessories that include a carry case, and a case of screw that provides better comfort for work.


Head to our website, we assure you to give you the best quality product at a reasonable rate.

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