Make Your Little One Feel Magical on Her Birthday with Madmia’s Unicorn Socks!


Is your daughter’s birthday around the corner? Does your daughter want to have a unicorn themed party? Unicorn themed birthday parties bring smiles. If your daughter wants to celebrate the fantasy world with the legendry creatures, give it to her. You could create a magical party for your little one with unicorn balloons, unicorn decors, a fun round of unicorn ring toss and a dessert table.

How about her outfit? Wouldn’t that be great if she is dolled up with a unicorn outfit? It is as important as to give importance to match her outfit with the theme on her special day. When it comes to outfit, socks are an overlooked accessory. Yes, we don’t think much about socks. Aren’t we? But, people are making a statement with socks. Pair up your little one’s unicorn outfit with Madmia’s unicorn socks.

What’s so special about Madmia unicorn socks for girls?

Beautiful colours

Madmia’s unicorn socks come in vibrant, neon colours that are attractive and beautiful. Whether dressing up for a class Halloween party or birthday party or trick-treating with your friends, Madima’s range of unicorn socks is your way to stand out and show everyone that it is more fun. When paired with the right outfit, it can be a great way to create a look that is dynamic, bold, and, more importantly, all you! There’s a colour for every outfit.

Crazy pattern

One of the key attributes of unicorn socks is it can add a little fun to your little one’s wardrobe. Of course, unicorn socks help to keep your little one’s feet warm and dry. It comes in a range of designs, shades, creative patterns, and characters. Unicorn socks feature fun graphics with a unicorn print, and the perfect mix of sweets with donuts, ice-cream, and a dazzle of stars. Complete with shoelace print and shoe lace topper in yellow and blue. They come in bold patterns that can be paired up with any casual outfit, including a unicorn dress. You can exhibit your little one’s creativity with unicorn sock designs because they are inherently bold, eye-catching, and bright!


Madmia’s range of Unicorn socks is not only attractive but also comfortable to wear. Yes, made with high-quality materials, it can keep your little one’s feet warm and comfortable on her special day.

Who doesn’t wants to be whisked away on a unicorn fantasy on a special day? Invite your little one’s friends and dress as a pack of unicorns to bring the party together. You can even gift mermaid socks as a giveaway gift for all. Have fun!

Proudly born in Australia, MADMIA is a playful crazy socks brand that creates colourful unicorn socks with the aim to inspire creativity and self-expression. Visit for more details.

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